Android flagship inventory better than iPhone 13 Pro to take pictures: Huawei Xiaomi Mi Bao List Global


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Today’s camera evaluation agency DXOMark announced the camera score of Apple iPhone 13 Pro. The total score of the machine was 137 points, ranking fourth in the list. It was not as good as Huawei P50 Pro, Xiaomi 11 Ultra and Huawei Mate40 Pro+.

比iPhone 13 Pro拍照更好的安卓旗舰盘点:华为小米霸榜全球

DXOMark said that the camera of the iPhone 13 Pro is beautiful, with excellent white balance. Most of the light conditions are pleasant, and the details in indoor and indoor and outdoor environments are excellent.

In terms of disadvantages, DXOMARK believes that the iPhone 13 Pro has the problem of brightness noise, especially under low -light conditions; the dynamic range is limited in challenging high contrast scenes; Limited details and so on.

比iPhone 13 Pro拍照更好的安卓旗舰盘点:华为小米霸榜全球

The main camera of the iPhone 13 Pro is a 12 -megapixel sensor, 1.9 μm pixel, and 26 mm equivalent F/1.5 aperture lens, supporting sensor mobile OIS and dual -pixel autofocus. The ultra -wide -angle camera is a 12 -megapixel sensor, a 13 mm equivalent F/1.8 aperture lens, PDAF, 2 cm macro; the telephoto camera is a 12 -megapixel sensor, and the 77mm equivalent F/2.8 aperture lens supports OIS.

比iPhone 13 Pro拍照更好的安卓旗舰盘点:华为小米霸榜全球

At present, the top three in the ranking of the DXOMARK camera are the Huawei P50 Pro (144 points), Xiaomi 11 Ultra (143 points) and Huawei Mate40 Pro+(139 points). In addition, DXOMark also announced the camera score of the iPhone 13 mini. Its total score is 130 points, ranking 11th, which is consistent with the previous iPhone 12 Pro Max score.

比iPhone 13 Pro拍照更好的安卓旗舰盘点:华为小米霸榜全球

The Android flagship inventory is better than the iPhone 13 Pro. The following technology dogs will take a look at it, as follows:

比iPhone 13 Pro拍照更好的安卓旗舰盘点:华为小米霸榜全球

First place, Huawei P50 Pro

First of all, let’s take a look at the weight of the fuselage,

The length of the Huawei P50 Pro is 158.8 mm, the width is 72.8 mm, the thickness is 8.5 mm, and weighing 195 grams. There are certain arcs on both sides, and it is relatively comfortable to hold.

It is worth mentioning,

The Huawei P50 Pro midfather has in -depth industrial design optimization on the parcel on both sides of the screen. In the actual use process, the fingers will not easily touch the screen, which greatly reduces the chance of errors. Praise.

In terms of screen, Huawei P50 Pro is equipped with a 6.6 -inch OLED screen with a resolution of 2700 x 1228 pixels (FHD+), 450PPI, supports 1.07 billion color display and P3 wide color gamut. Use 1440Hz high -frequency PWM lighting.

Dxomark, a world -renowned authoritative evaluation agency, updated the screen test of Huawei P50 Pro, and gave it the world’s highest score in the world. This is the first time the screen of Huawei flagship machine has become the world’s first, surpassing Samsung’s strongest flagship S21 Ultra Essence

Huawei P50 Pro is equipped with dual speakers and supports Bluetooth 5.2 connection. At the same time, it has IP68 level dust resistance and water resistance. The battery capacity is 4360mAh, which is matched with 66W cable fast charging and 50W wireless fast charging. The reverse charging function still supports.

Huawei P50

The Pro uses a new Huawei imaging system. The subsequent camera module consists of the primary color dual image unit, which are super main camera cells and super zoom units, respectively. The super main camera unit contains a 50 -megapixel OIS main camera+4,000 -megapixel black and white lens+13 million pixel ultra -wide -angle lens. The super zoom unit consists of a 64 -megapixel pixels and the laser focus sensor.

Second place, Xiaomi 11 Ultra

比iPhone 13 Pro拍照更好的安卓旗舰盘点:华为小米霸榜全球

Xiaomi 11 ULTRA still has a Samsung GN2 super large base of 50 MP. It has upgraded two IMX586 auxiliary lenses, 8K full -focal length, 120 times the permeable telephoto lens (48MP, 10 times) and 128 ° ultra -wide -angle lens (48MP (48MP ), Also equipped with DTOF, and got the DXOMARK image 143 points again, and can even fight with Sony’s generation of black cards. It is the strongest image system.

Xiaomi 11 Ultra has a 1.1 -inch spirit window, which is a small window on the side of the rear lens, which can display a variety of information, but the main purpose is selfie. It is reported that this small window can be used to display the screen display, supporting custom time, weather, moving pictures, themes; view notifications, support message reminders, health reminders, music control, etc.; Selfie; extreme power, officially declare that “the remaining 10%, 10%of the remain Extreme battery life 55 hours. “

Xiaomi 11 ULTRA is exactly the same as Xiaomi 11 Pro, such as 2K+120Hz+E4 high screen, Snapdragon 888 chip, Dolby vision, Harman Kardon stereo dual -boiled, X -axis motor, 5000mAh silicon oxygen battery, wired wireless wireless battery, wired wireless wireless Double 67W flash charge, IP68 waterproof.

The main difference between the two models is the rear lens and the thickness, weight, and color matching of the fuselage. The specifics and different points are as follows:

Mate40 Pro+

比iPhone 13 Pro拍照更好的安卓旗舰盘点:华为小米霸榜全球

It is learned from the official website of Caviar that the freshly released series of customized versions of Huawei Mate40 Pro Nine Days, provided three styles,

They are Moon Palace Fairy, Space Conqueror, and Zhu Rong’s heart. The price is 43800 yuan, 46500 yuan, and 180,000 yuan.

比iPhone 13 Pro拍照更好的安卓旗舰盘点:华为小米霸榜全球

Among these three styles, Zhu Rongzhi, who priced at 180,000, was hotly debated by netizens.

比iPhone 13 Pro拍照更好的安卓旗舰盘点:华为小米霸榜全球

Caviar said,

China ’s great achievements in exploring the boundless space are amazing. One of the outstanding tasks is to land Zhu Rong Mars on the surface of Mars and name it with ancient Vulcan.

To commemorate this incident, Caviar proposed the design of precious and high -tech materials based on Huawei Mate40 Pro. It is understood that the shell is made of titanium with a black PVD coating, and the cosmic landscape is decorated in the laser carving technology. In addition, there is a tourbillon watch on the back.

比iPhone 13 Pro拍照更好的安卓旗舰盘点:华为小米霸榜全球

The dial is made of red composite stone, with black and white debris, echoing the appearance of Mars. Not only that,

比iPhone 13 Pro拍照更好的安卓旗舰盘点:华为小米霸榜全球

There is also a dragon relief built by 18K gold near the dial. The mobile phone metal base is made of dual -plating technology (24 carats, 7 microns dual -gold coating decoration).

Moon Palace Fairy

Space conqueror

It is worth mentioning that Huawei Mate40 Pro Zhu Rong’s heart is limited to 8 units worldwide. In addition, the world’s limited edition of 88 moon palace fairy models and 66 space conquerors are also eye -catching, and I won’t go into details here. It is reported that in July of this year, Caviain officially settled in China, the Chinese name is Kaita. At present, the brand’s customized products in the domestic market include Huawei Mate 40 Pro, Apple iPhone 12 Pro/Max, and cars and watches.