Coffee flowers, fire fighting, fire extinguishing, e -piano, robot participating in the conference show skills


Beijing News (Reporter Zhang Lu, a trainee reporter Zhang Jianlin Intern Wang Miao Miao) “2021 World Robot Conference” opened today in Yizhuang, Beijing, serving robots, special robots, industrial robots showing the housekeeper “Robot Story”.

Service robot: picking strawberries can distinguish fruit maturity

In the exhibition area of ​​the exhibition hall, a dexterous robotic arm is picking the simulated strawberry on the exhibition frame. The strawberries after picking were put into the basket by stretching the robotic arm.

Collaborative robots pick strawberries with robotic arms. Beijing News reporter Zhang Jianlin

On -site operator Zhang Gong introduced that this robotic arm weighing 5 kg and 1 meter long can adjust the speed parameters according to the application needs of the actual scenario and achieve operation. He Lianjun, the person in charge of the relevant departments of the R & D company, told reporters that in the agricultural picking scenario, the end of the collaborative robot is equipped with flexible hand claws and a visual module to complete the picking operation.

The reporter observed that on the electronic display next to the robotic arm, the picking screen will appear in real time. “In actual operation, in addition to the functions that can identify the size and color of the fruit, distinguish the leaves and fruits and fruit maturity, it can also avoid obstacles. At the same time Complete a number of tasks, such as grilled egg tarts, below, etc. “He Lianjun said.

According to him, there are many types of hand claws in collaborative robots. For example, the three -finger flexible pneumatic clamp, which is driven by pneumatic driving, is simple to control, and can adapt to stable grasp of different sizes and complex shapes. Therefore, it can be applied to the food industry, fruit and vegetable picking and teaching research; It can be applied to machine tools, packaging grasping, workpiece grabbing and transfer assembly (electronics and medical industries) and teaching research; The operation can be replaced according to different occasions.

Two collaborative robots are making coffee pulling flowers. Beijing News reporter Zhang Jianlin

In this exhibition area, many participating passengers also drank their own coffee coffee coffee. The two collaborative robots are holding coffee and milk in their hands. According to the procedure set with the “shaking” function in the early stage, they mix the liquid of the two cups and shake a few times. Out. Less than five minutes, a cup of Kabucchino with a lattice was done in the hands of “Cait Coffee”.


“The coffee pull -pull mission is complex and the flexible requirements are high. The two collaborative robots can achieve the flowers and the relative exercise and strength of coffee through mutual cooperation and flexibly control the relative movement and strength of coffee.” He Lianjun said.

Special robot: Six -Ajue Robot Measurement 18 Smell

Hall D is the exhibition area of ​​special robots. In the exhibition area of ​​CITIC Heavy Industry Kaicheng Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., a fire -fighting robot -like fire extinguishing robot attracted the attention of the audience.


It consists of robot body, fire gun and handheld remote control terminal, which has functions such as gesture recognition, voice recognition and flame recognition. At the fire scene, firefighters can control the operation of the robot through specific gestures and language. The robot can also intelligently identify the flame smoke at the scene, and collect the on -site sound information in real time to accurately locate the effective sound source of the scene to understand the location information of the trapped persons.


The high temperature of the fire accident will generate strong heat radiation and explosion at the danger. The promotion of high -tech companies bring a fire robot that can resist thousands of degrees and high temperatures. The chassis, visual monitoring technology, gas detection technology, communication systems, water belts, etc. have all carried out high temperature resistance design, which can replace firefighters into the high temperature fire field.

The Liujue robot in Jihua Laboratory can measure 18 kinds of smell. Photo by intern Wang Miao Miao

In the Jihua Laboratory exhibition area, the six -sense robot with a tank -like body caused visitors to stop and watch. According to the staff, this robot has a humanized six -must -have sensor, with intuition, vision, hearing, taste, smell, and touch ability. Pymal liquid or solid ingredients, a single solid -state powder collection capacity is about 85ml, so as to complete the tasks such as comprehensive detection and assistance at the explosion site. “

Industrial robot: ingenious hand can play electronic piano, and can also work hard

In the exhibition area, a pair of robotic arm ten fingers flying on the electronic piano, and a beautiful “Farewell” melody added a hint of charm to the exhibition area of ​​the reinforced iron armor.

The industrial robotic arm played the electronic piano on site to show the dexterity of the “finger”. Photo by Zhang Lu, a reporter from Beijing News

According to the staff, this device is combined by the two small general -purpose robots of Kawasaki and the low -friction metal sealing cylinder, high -speed response valve island and other products from the SMC company, which gives the robot’s finger “magic” to make the people’s complex play actions Copy accurately. “Among them, the high -speed response of the valve island makes the robot have sufficient advantages in terms of speed and repeated positioning accuracy.”

In reality, the robotic arms are not as flexible as human fingers, but in industrial scenarios, they can relieve humans from repeated labor, especially the work with high labor intensity and dangerous environmental environment. In the factory, the robotic arm can be carried out, welding, glue, and paint. “Each keys are relatively narrow, and the robotic arm can be accurately playing electronic piano, indicating that it can also grab smaller things, such as electronic components, nuts, etc.” Staff said.

Beijing News reporter Zhang Lu Intern Zhang Jianlin Intern Wang Miao Miao

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