Non -stick cooking is equivalent to eating “poison”? Can I still use it when the coating is dropped? People who dare not use it to see


The production of non -stick pan comes from the wonderful imagination of a housewife. In 1954, a French woman Kollyt found that her husband Mark Graiger was used to prevent the fishing line from hooking. Flong) is particularly easy to use, so the brain hole is wide open, thinking that it is particularly good to use on the frying pan, and her husband happens to be an engineer, so the world’s first non -stick pan was born!

To this day, non -stick pots have become a must -have for many family kitchens. Almost every household has it. Telomon is the reason why non -stick pots do not stick to it, but its safety has always been controversial.

1. The Teflon incident that shocked the world

According to news reports, a boy in the United States has serious facial defects after birth. He has only half of his nose and a nostril. On one side, the retinal and iris are separated, which is jagged. More than thirty operations, but the face after surgery is still “horrible.”

In addition to the incident, there was an incredible thing in the United States.

A farmer raised more than 200 cows and died constantly in a short time, and eventually only survived more than 40 heads. These dead cattle are very scary, their eyes are white and blue, their teeth are dark … Anyone can think of it at a glance that it is not normal. The farmers report to the police for the police. However, after 20 years of investigation, there is still no results.

The seemingly unrelated two cases actually have a very close connection. The incidents are related to the company’s production non -sticking company DuPont. In 2018, a documentary in the United States revealed a rare truth -DuPont continued to conceal the harm of PFOA, a Temon aid in nearly 60 years, in evidence In conclusive circumstances, it is still denying.

It turned out that the boy’s mother had been working on the current line of DuPont, and she had been exposed to PFOA for a long time to synthesize the processing aid agent of Teflon, which is toxic and carcinogenic. Once you enter the body, you cannot be dissolved, and you will even be inherited to the next generation. The boy is the unfortunate next generation.

The reason why the farm’s cattle will die is also related to DuPont. In order to save costs, DuPont poured industrial wastewater directly into the river without any treatment.

Before these things happen,

DuPont is completely clear about the harm of PFOA. They have long discovered that PFOA will make the liver of animal liver, induce testicular cancer, pancreatic cancer, and liver tumors.


At present, many countries have disabled PFOA, including China, so as long as we are purchased from regular platforms, it is very safe. So Teflon is not harmful and carcinogenic for non -stick coating itself? Can you use it if you fall off?

Second, is the coating of non -stick pan danger? CCTV’s experiment tells you

According to CCTV, the chemical teaching and research room of Beijing Agricultural College experimented with the safety of non -stick coating, and the Teflon materials were sampled and weighed respectively. Whether changes occur, once the weight is reduced, it means that TMORORON is decomposed.

It turned out to be in

Tylomon at 260 ° C has not changed the sample quality, that is, the coating has not decomposed. In the 350 ° C environment, Teflon, which weighs 0.047g less after the test. These decomposed substances can easily cause emphysema and other diseases, which is not good for health.

Picture source: CCTV

Zheng Yanying, associate professor of chemical teaching and research room of Beijing Agricultural College

It is pointed out that in the state of daily normal cooking, the general temperature will be around 260. This temperature is much lower than the unstable temperature of Telnon material, so normal cooking does not need to worry about the decomposition of toxic substances.

Under normal use, Teflon is very stable. Even if a small amount of coating particles that are shedded off by mistake, it will generally be excreted by the human body. It is not recommended to continue to use non -stick pan, because after the coating is damaged, the food is easy to stick to it, and it is easy to scorch, resulting in harmful substances such as polygon aromatic hydrocarbons.


Although normal cooking does not cause non -stick coating to decompose harmful substances, there are still many points that need attention when used. What are the specifics?

3. What should I pay attention to when using non -stick pan?

1. Don’t burn the pot


Although Teflon is a high -temperature -resistant substance, it is also necessary to pay attention not to dry the pot. In the case of drying the empty pot, the temperature can soar in about 5 minutes, which will reach the instability of Torraona, which will cause TMFCL to decompose to produce some harmful substances to the body.

2. Try to avoid scraping the pot with hard things

Teflon coating is very “delicate” and needs to be treated “gentle” when used. Try to use plastic and wood shovel to cook to avoid hard substances such as iron products.

3. After the coating is found, replace it in time


In the process of using, it was found that there were signs of falling off the non -stick pan coating, and it needs to be replaced in time. Because the non -stick pot with the coating will bring a certain amount of health hazard.

4. Use 1-2 years and replace it in time

Under normal circumstances, the service life of a non -stick pot should be 1-2 years. Even if the coating is protected and not scraped, it is recommended to replace it in time.

Many people think that it is too “ingenious” when they see it here. They don’t want to use it anymore, but they don’t know what the pot is easy to use.

4. Which pots can replace non -stick pots?

In fact, what pots want to use depends on personal preferences. Everyone’s demand for pots is different. Next, let’s analyze the advantages and disadvantages of several common pots for you.

1. Raw iron pot

The advantage of the raw iron pot is that it is heated and balanced, and it is easy to reach high temperature when used. However, it is very easy to rust and needs to be carefully maintained when using it. And it is also relatively heavy. For some women, it may not be easy to operate.

2, cooked iron pot

The thermal conductivity of a cooked iron pot is better than the raw iron pot, and it is relatively thin and thinner, which is very suitable for women. However, its disadvantages are also obvious. Because heat transfer is too fast, it is easy to control the heat, which is not very friendly for novices.

3. Stainless steel pot

The stainless steel pot is relatively durable and easy to clean, and the “face value” will be higher. It has a very obvious disadvantage, which is expensive! Except for expensive, there seems to be no other problems. Under economic permits, you can choose a stainless steel pot.

In addition to choosing a favorite type, it is also important to choose a qualified product produced by regular manufacturers. Normal use of non -stick pan is not risk of carcinogenesis. Everyone must polish their eyes and don’t be misled by rumors.



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