What materials are good for bay window pads?


The bay window cushion is the cushion on the table of the bay window. It is generally composed of fabrics, sponges, zippers. It is beautiful and practical, and is widely used in home soft furnishings. The bay window pad can not only increase the beauty of the bay window on the window sill, but also isolate the cold window sill.


What materials are good for bay window pads?

What materials are good for bay window pads? This is what many owners want to know when laying the bay window. There are many materials on the bay window pads on the market. Take everyone to see the characteristics of these materials. What materials are used.

1, fabric floating window pad

The fabric floating window cushion is the most popular bay window cushion. Whether it is tone or style of the pattern, it can be suitable for different styles of homes, and it is convenient for cleaning.

2. Wool pads floating window cushion

Some people like to use a pad, and the decorative effect of laying on the bay window is more luxurious and generous, but the hair pads are easier to get vacuum. Pay attention to cleaning up.


3. Snowy Window Cushion

Snowy is also a very popular bay window cushion material. It is soft and comfortable, and it is more comfortable, but there are also the disadvantages of the same as wool pads, but it is easier to clean than wool pads.

4. Satin floating window cushion

Some people have a soft spot for satin, and they will choose to use satin to make bay window cushions. The effect is also very good, but the price of good satin is relatively expensive, and the current style on the market is relatively small.


5. Sponge Window Cushion

Bay window cushions are commonly used in sponge cushions. The softness is soft and comfortable, and it is more warm, but the sponge pad is easy to aging and not environmentally friendly.

6. Grass cushion floating window cushion


There are also people who use straw pads in the bay window cushion. The bay windows woven by grass are easy to clean and easy to take care of, but the service life is relatively short.

There are many materials for bay window cushion. It is really hard to say that the material is the best. In fact, the bay window cushion material should be the best based on the decoration style of your home and your own habits.