Small people wear canvas shoes, or high heels? 150cm, she showed you in person


Wen: Luo Wei

Hi, I am Luo Wei, continue our fashion trip, and never get lost.


What is the focus of the little man’s dress? The integrity of the overall lines, the proportion and style of the right.

For most women,

High slim

, Put in the first place. It is an unquestionable fashion needs, and it is the result of not thinking.

If you can integrate high and thin skills in style and temperament, combine the characteristics of your personal appearance, and create an exclusive personality dressing style, is it particularly worth looking forward to?

There are hundreds of people, people have thousands of appearances, everyone’s



not exactly. The specific use of wearing theory is also thousands of people. Don’t stick to the theory, don’t be abducted by others’ eyes and remarks, bravely enter your heart, be good at analyzing yourself, and knowing how to show your advantages. This is the core of learning to wear.


For example, some people are born with shyness and tenderness. From the eyebrows to the body to the figure, they are full of femininity. Dressing status.


There are some people, with a clear personality, free and easy, and the shape of the eyebrows is neat. Then use 60%simple atmosphere+30%gentle+10%cool handsome, reconcile and weak.

In addition to the impact of the temperament, age, status, and occasions are all factors that affect dressing.

Combined with different scenarios+inner emotions+theory+popularity+personality

It is the perfect image that is in line with the current scene, which is the most advanced interpretation of wearing.

Therefore, we must be good at learning theoretical knowledge or appreciating others while appreciating others

Combine yourself

Analysis and Refining: Can I wear such a style? Will this color look good? Is her highly high skills suitable for me?

Congratulations, if you have such a humble and thoughtful mentality, the improvement of clothing is not difficult at all. In addition, develop the habit of thinking about thinking, and the whole person is reborn.

In today’s sharing, Luo Wei takes the wearing of a small fashion blogger as an example to see the impact of shoe and boots on the overall high. High heel? Flat shoes? Which one is wearing?

▸ Character analysis:


: This Japanese fashion blogger, 150cm tall, thin and thin skeleton, a sense of straight lines, cold eyes, obvious juvenile cold style. A sharp short hair is particularly consistent with her temperament, which is more advantageous for being significantly higher.


: Based on the above temperament characteristics, her dress color is


Tan+black and white gray

Mainly, simple lines, less decoration, all based on the integrity of the overall color, and the transmission of color sense

High+gas field.

First: The casual free and easy of canvas shoes/flat shoes

The canvas shoes that run through the entire girl’s youth are more like a brand. classic

Black and white

The relaxed foot feeling, except for the comfort, will be discounted, others are perfect.

There is now a kind of cortical material and a thick -bottomed heel, which is more suitable for mature women than traditional canvas shoes. Putting on it, injecting a playful and lively atmosphere, from the inside to the appearance, it is full of comfort and confidence.

For the little man, as long as

Overall color coordination


Even if wearing canvas flat shoes, it is not weak at all. As the fashion blogger’s dress, the color matching from the inside out is worth learning.



Long coat

Black sweater with dark blue jeans, with highlights with highlights, jumping prominently, echoing canvas shoes as the focus, increasing coolness. The stitching long coat is full of design, simple and fashionable.

Inner length+Foreign Minister, a small bright color embellishment in the dark color, has both personality and atmosphere, which is very in line with her temperament and height.


Dark coffee

Color long coats, novel colors and material design, are the greatest fashionable tone on the basis of calmness, not clockwise, colorful. A red sweater and dark blue jeans inside. Of course, the standard canvas shoes make the plush coat lighter.

The ankle of the black and white atmosphere is clean and neat, weakening the procrastination of the long coat.

If it is smooth, silky


Wide leg pants

May wish to grow and last. It doesn’t matter if the elegant fabric is slightly longer. It covers half of the canvas shoes, stretches the legs of the legs, and is released with a long coat.

He is black and handsome in the cold winter. The sharp H version and narrow -leg straight pants are extremely thin and thin. A little white and black and white canvas shoes inside are both highlights or fashionable.

short jacket

The small man wore a short jacket and didn’t need to think about it. Black and warm black bread

down jacket

, Casually paired with a pair of jeans, simple but not simple, the focus at this time is between bags and shoes.

Bags with texture and contrast with casual canvas shoes make the dressing layers particularly clear, seemingly casual, but showing atmosphere.


Too neutral and handsome outdoor down jackets are right with her own temperament. Some handsome and cool, occasionally changing the style, seemingly good.

Wearing a skirt, no matter how strong a woman has a gentle and delicate side. A green pheasant short down jacket, standing small collar and classic zipper cuffs, all expressing this is a neutralized single product.

Black sweater and black sweater inside


The high -profile character brought by the same color system is particularly distinctive, and canvas shoes jump into the protagonist. The trend of handsomeness and tenderness is the first choice of cold and straight style.

Second: the elegance and exquisite high -heeled boots


Unlike the leisure of canvas shoes, high -heeled short boots are a symbol of delicate femininity. Stepping on high heels, not only the actual height increases, but also a kind of smooth and chic.

And suitable for a high heels with a cold and sexy woman,


Rough heel+square/round head


It is the first choice. There is no need to be excessive to the pointed stance, and it is easy to show simple elegance.


long coat

When wearing high -heeled short boots, the most matched one must be all kinds

Wool/cashmere coat

, Common exquisite attributes make them well in harmony. The simpler the style, the stronger the high -level sense of presence.


The brown fine checkered long coat is very good at first glance, and the texture is great. It has a beige sweater and wide -leg pants inside, loose and particular. The high -necked sweater is elegant and lazy, and the well -sized wide -leg pants will



Push to the extreme.

Point of knowledge

: Mid -sewing design, very clever, reflects the vertical lines and sophisticated tailoring.


, I shared its classics yesterday. Its calmness and atmosphere, elegance and mellow, are more suitable for placing in coats. A basic cashmere coat is at least 3 years old.

The matching is simpler, black, brown, khaki, white, gray, etc., are all classic.

Replace the turtleneck sweater with small high collar as a classic combination in early spring, and it is absolutely impossible. Compared to khaki, I prefer the elegant sense of it with brown creation. Black high -heeled short boots and bags further strengthen the style and enhance the texture.


Long coats and skirts, coupled with a pair of high -heeled short boots. The softness formed between the three can most express the essence of the long coat. Elegant and intellectual, there is no lack of atmosphere.

The exquisiteness in the leisure wind requires high -heeled boots to complete. The long sweater in winter is comfortable and comfortable, especially suitable for the neutral and handsome temperament. It is blended with high -heeled boots.


The skirt of the sweater is replaced with black and gray wide -leg pants. The body is mainly black, but there are deep -shades. From the material to the style, they are perfectly matched.

The skirt is one point, elegant and one point, and the extension of the vertical lines falls+the height of high heel boots, pushing high to the extreme, calm black and brown, because attached to leisure items, less strong, mild mild Essence

The sharp longitudinal wrinkles wide -leg pants, the fine -dense texture pattern is a highly careful machine, the brown high -heeled short boots properly extend the height, and the consistent color of the bag and wide -leg pants is simple and high -profile.

When the spring flowers bloom, the shirt is replaced with a short white twist cardigan. The hem is slightly released and exposed the waistline. The soft beige tone is elegant!


During the bloated winter when wear, the upper width and lower, or the thickness of the upper and lower thin, put the focus on the upper body, and then extend it with high heels to make the high -effect UP.

Through the comparison of the above canvas shoes and high -heeled boots, as long as the consistency of the whole body tone is controlled, no matter how we wear it, the impact on the significant high can be ignored. One leisure, an elegant, what do you want to express?


I am Luo Wei, regarding the management of the image as the homework you have to do, use the beautiful image, the beauty of the mood to meet the bloom of every day in your life.

I am not only sharing, but I hope to help you build your inner aesthetic system and mental nourishing system. Internal and external repairs, it is beautiful!


If you are confused, you can make a private message. Welcome to leave a message to discuss. We grow up together on the road of beauty and be strong together!


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