How do boys and legs wear shorts? Delicious boy wearing shorts


Summer without shorts is incomplete


As a slough boys who want to be thin?


Go to lose weight!


Don’t want to lose weight and want to dress is thin?

That must improve your own dysfunction! Intersection Intersection

Otherwise, where the sister makes you 撩?

Don’t look at most boy paper seems to be rough, pants can be worn, but many people are still quite in the shaped troupe, length, and no loss.

The fat boy is very easy to step on the thunder because of the legs of the leg, the belly is very easy to step on the thunder, especially when picking shorts, it is a variety of deaths.

Don’t say anything else, let’s take a look at the “Trippery Pants Group” of the slough boys to die.

Stepping pants one: narrow foot five pants

It’s better to be slim, it is worse than shorts. The pants type of the narrow foot five pants unless you really have a very confident on your own long legs, otherwise it is still a good thing. Because it not only exposes your legs imperfect curve, and the five five-fifth visual effects will make the legs even more thicker.


Stepping pants 2: tights


Do you determine if you have to come on a secondary panty?

The key person is going to do it, and you are so thick, your legs are so thick, then wear a tight-fitting trousers, with the sausage, make a girlfriend, don’t break up with you because it is too ugly?

Stepping pants three: hanging trousers


Hanging trousers have been very popular, but this trousers are actually unfriendly. There are too many crotches in the hanging trousers, there are many extra spaces, giving people to drag the trailer, little thing is not good, and it is short and more fat.


Stepping pants four: ultrashire


Such a short panties, no, shorts put on the street really husband? I often hear girls vomiting, and boys who wear this shorts are all written “Nianghuo”. And the pants are so tight, will it be uncomfortable? Scene REAL!

Avoid the four trousers above, the slightly fat boy has been successful on the slim road, and then the next time is dry!

First, choose “suitable” shorts


The “suitable” here refers to the waist circumference, the leg is suitable, the trousers are suitable, recommended pants type (straight cowboy, dress pants, wide-leg pants, trousers, custom trousers), we only discuss shorts today, just need to remember a little : The length must not be able to have a knee, and the top 5-10cm is ok.

Second, the attention of the Dafa


Want to look slim, you can make a lot of sprays through some styles, or the color is relatively pleasant to transfer the focus to the upper body, from the visual to the effect of weakening the leg defect.


Third, shorts version with colors

The thick BOY, don’t think about the trousers of the body, and try to avoid the style of especially loose, or special drapery, and choose cropping relatively profitable styles.

Color can choose brown, khaki, etc. Some of the color of comparison skin color, which will have a more fused feeling with the legs, from the visual, to the feeling of the long leg line.

Fourth, overall color matching

From the perspective of color matching, the upper and white level of legs is better than the top-deep effect.

If you want to wear shorts frequently, in addition to buying a few almost versions, then only lose weight.


Ning, can you do your brother?


Pay attention to the best products, let’s become beautiful!