Can the beer shampoo really prevent hair?


The answer is really possible to prevent hair loss, because I am currently trying.

I used to get off my hair. Whether it is to wash my hair, it is a big pillow. The bed is my big hair, the bedroom living room kitchen bathroom, where there is a place I have dropped. Hair.

The shampoo has changed a batch. I didn’t care too much when I started my hair. I didn’t care too much. It is the use of the small brand what Haishi, soil, Sassoon, Yaxov. Later, my hair loss became more and more serious, my sister recommended Aldov, saying that she is good, but how do I use hair? May be not suitable for my hair? What kind of sulfur, ginger … As long as the advertisement says that the anti-hair loss effect is good, I will definitely buy it, and the result is not effective.

Looking at the growing hair, I am really anxious. It is about two or three months ago, the beer in the family has expired. My husband said, I said, don’t throw it, I heard that the flowers are very good. In order not to let my flowers hurt, I still have to check it out. As a result, it is possible to prevent hair loss. What are you waiting for? So I started to wash your head with beer, don’t say, when washed to the third time, I just felt that my hair was less, I am so happy, I must stick to it, stick to the beer, protect my hair.