To be honest, the coat is still the most durable with “non -marking boots”, and the western style is thin, especially suitable for fat girls


The tailoring is sharp, the version is decent. Whether it is gentle white, mysterious black, or soft cashmere, handsome hair, there are cuteness.

A coat place needs not only the classics, but also innovation. If you have n’t tried the beautiful match of coats and boots before, then you must try a wave today ~

1. The most matching shoes for coats: no trace boots

(1) No trace boots PK ordinary boots

Ordinary boots will have obvious splicing design, and some boots will also have some characteristic elements. For example, Martin boots will have a representative strap design, and denim boots will have typical carving elements.


And no trace boots are closer to the most primitive boots,


The material is integrated, the lines are smooth and beautiful, in line with the human curve, there is no extra decoration, and it also has excellent shoe type and clean design.


(2) Advantages and characteristics of no trace boots



Generally a solid color design, the overall boots are smooth, and the lines are smooth.

There are no obvious cut -off points, and there are no extra patterns or decorations.


It is comfortable and natural, and you can stretch your leg lines visually. Very versatile, seemingly simple, but more fashionable than any boots, and do not pick up body and age at all.

Second, n -type opening method of no trace boots and coats

>> The body shape determines the width of the width of no trace boots

The non -marks of no trace boots mainly refer to the smoothness of the material,

In the version, there must be countless styles of non -marking boots.

In terms of the easiest boots,

People with thick thighs or thick legs are more suitable for loose -shaped boots; their legs are slender and thin, or their legs are thin, but the leg lines are not straight.

>> Leg length determines the length of no trace boots

Try to choose a slim design as much as possible, the material should be soft and personal. This kind of boots are more suitable for sisters with slender long legs or legs.

The wide and narrowness of the mid -length without trace boots under the knee is mainly selected according to the thickness of the legs. The height can be worn, but it should pay attention to the matching method.

The medium -length -long marks -free boots should choose the material with a certain hardness as much as possible. Do not choose the too soft velvet.

It is easy to have folds at the joint.

The most versatile boots are short -length boots with a length near the ankle.


If this kind of boot is small, you choose a slender and thin heel. If you have a high sense of body volume, you choose the round head design of the loose thick soles.

>> The style determines the material of the no trace boots


Because the design is relatively simple, the material is the biggest factors that affect the overall style.

The matte leather looks more handsome and textured, and the patent leather material with a certain hardness looks more gorgeous and fashionable. The velvet texture is naturally more luxurious and elegant.

>> The color matching determines the color of no trace boots


The dark brown and black -free boots are very versatile, and it can not be used in any color matching.

If it is a slightly lighter white or beige non -trace boot, the clothing should have a corresponding color echo.

This is especially true for other colorless boots. Due to the small amount of nude color boots, try to choose the matching method of the earth color system or the same color system.

>> Demand determines the comfort of no trace boots

Pursuing a more beautiful, naturally recommend sisters to choose a pointed or flat head strap and design without trace boots. This design design can make the legs look more slender.

But if you want to wear more comfortable,


The shape of the toe should be similar to the shape of the toes. The thick soles within the flat or three centimeters are more comfortable and have a certain increase effect.


Third, the fat body is more suitable for wearing “coat+no trace boots”

>> Increase the proportion of the lower body


Compared to directly using various thin skills, starting from the proportion of your body, increasing leg length, and making your body closer to the golden ratio of thinness.

Try to choose a high -heeled design within six centimeters as much as possible. The boots are consistent with the colors of the boots, or the color is consistent from head to toe


No matter what level of fat, it can achieve a good lean effect.


The version of the coat is relatively simple. Choose a slightly loose design to hide all the flesh of the upper body. The red buckle adds a bit of fashion to the camel coat, which is not so monotonous.

From the upper body to the shoes, you choose the same color of the same color, which can lengthen the proportion of the figure. Even if it is light -colored, with a dark coat, you can also have a good figure!

>> Slim joint lines are more slender

Even if your body is fat, there will always be thin and fat parts.

First of all, it is clear which part of your overall part is compared to the overall


, Look more slender,

These parts are the parts exposed when you wear a coat.

Usually people are more slender in the joints of the ankle, knee, neck, clavicle, and wrists.


When wearing a coat,

The upper body can expose these joint nodes by slim or exposing skin.


When wearing no trace boots, you can also choose a personal design on these joints

, Exposing the curve beauty of this part.

>> Streaming lines create a sense of advancement

If you want to master the essence of wearing a coat and no trace boots, then you must understand the wonderful use of the lines.


Because the body itself has a sense of expansion, the cleaner the choice of lines, and the better as possible.

The outline of the coat should be obvious. It is recommended to choose Type A, H and X. The same is true of the choice of non -marking boots. The lines are smooth,

Consistent with the legs of the legs is the best.

Perhaps this large -type H -shaped coat is disaster on other figures, but for the sisters of the fat body, this coat is the magic weapon to save the figure.

The clean straight lines are paired with narrow nine -point straight pants, and the creamy white slim -free boots are stepped on. The width and narrows are contrast.

>> Cold sense accessories increase exquisite and fashionable atmosphere

The accessories may not be obvious in other items, but for the basic straight -line coats and simple boots that are most suitable for fat girls, the appropriate accessories are the finishing touch.

Do not choose accessories with a strong curve or too tedious details. The color of the accessories is mainly colorless and cold.

Just decorate it appropriately to make you explode!

The upper body clothing, shoes, bags, and big sunglasses that others can see at a glance chose a unified black, and the overall looks very clean.

Silver square ear decoration is simple and embellishment, black cool handsome handbags easily hold the strong aura of coat. Fashionable and thin, just one piece of coat, a little accessories, a pair of non -trace boots are enough ~

Fourth, ending

Put on a coat and a pair of comfortable traceless boots, elegance and accommodation are integrated, and sensuality and rational switching at will. Who else can do it easily?

The combination of coats and no trace boots always has a strong tolerance. Even fat girls can immediately gain a sense of fashion. It is completely the ceiling of the coat wearing the world. Hurry up this combination of income in your pocket!