General Administration of Customs: Toothbrush, frogged, infant clothing rope, etc.


The reporter learned from the General Administration of Customs on the 31st that the General Administration of Customs recently organized 19 direct customs of the country to carry out the quality and safety risk monitoring work of the import of consumer goods in 2021, including 13 of the toothbrush, clothing, baby products, and household appliances.Category cross-border e-commerce imports consumer goods.This monitoring is 562 batches. It has 55 items that do not meet the quality and safety requirements in my country’s product standards, and the risk discovery rate is 9.79%.Through risk assessment, 11 batches of quality and safety risks are high risk or high risk.The main risk projects include a toothbrush, specifications, tape, attachment tensile strength, stroller sharp edge and cutting edge, small part of the toy, plastic packaging bag thickness, instructions, children’s mask particulate filter efficiency, Hard-blown electricity protection, plug, power cord, marker, etc.(Reporter Liu Liang)


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