European sofa background wall, rustic or atmosphere?


Speaking of the sofa background wall, everyone will think of a variety of simple, American, very few people will think of the continental sofa background wall, one comes because the sofa background wall is a bit of archer, two is also because of the European style Naturalization. Ok, no matter what, everyone can’t kill a group of people, there is always a good design.


Those friends who say that continental sofa background wall, you have to open your eyes, look at the continental background wall soil rustic? Don’t say anything else, let’s first look at the picture below. Is there any rustic? Certainly not.


The space is the same space, but the design can make the same space show a different effect, which is also the magic of the design!

Such a living room is not a special style in the European big house, but the exquisite home is added to the sofa background wall of the benefit, so that the overall effect looks great. The luxurious European design can also give people the feeling of feeling, which may also be a major reason for the European style.


Some people like small fresh, some people like to be steady, and more people like dark tones, dark dress, just like the design in the picture, full of black tune, is a bit like entering the home of the belly black Like, but said it back, this feeling is still a wonderful.


The design of this sofa background also has the same mystery. From this perspective, this is not two black bars, but it is very special, what is going on?

We look at the background wall of the sofa must not ignore the existence of the sofa, the sofa and the background wall is not a whole. The beauty of the two is also interacting.

Low-key and luxurious dark sofa, configured a mysterious background wall, several decorative paints form the core decoration of the wall. However, these decorative paintings still have some literary breath.

But all villas are designed to have an unusual atmosphere, otherwise how to get a high body of the villa.


Seeing the furniture in the living room and said a few words: money is a good thing, good products are really good, see this style, see this detail, don’t affected.

From this perspective, the area is definitely not big, but the decoration is really interested, and the space with heart can make life more comfortable. 80% of the design use dark colors to decorate, and you can see that the owner’s favorite extent to the dark tone.


Even if it is not a tall villa, ordinary people can also reflect the pro – European-style proximity design. The sofa background wall is also very simple, and the three ordinary decorative painting will make this space very personal.

The design of this sofa background is very leveling. The first layer is a mirror, the second layer is a soft bag, the third layer is decorative painting, simply like a layer of layers in winter. I don’t know that it is a bit hot, and the design such as designer will feel warm in cold winter. This phenomenon is known as “Lianshi” in psychology (seeing the article rising knowledge).

The sofa background of pure light has increased a fashion sensation to the space, just the same material of the coffee table and the wall, or it can be called the interest. Look at the design of the European sofa background wall, do you still say that they are rustic?


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