Women’s loose cotton and teenager. Just to take the jacket, you can do five days a week.


Several bars in the family, busy every day, like fighting. It is already a very distant thing for half an hour. . .

Getting up, hurriedly panic, mobile phone opened, I haven’t come back and reply to a comment, the baby’s crying sounds. . .

Every time I go out, I will patronize my baby. . . I am myself, the big bag is mentioned, the jacket is the most convenient to wear the one that is going. As for it, I can’t figure it out that there is always a little sudden situation that makes people hand. I have to take a piece of clothes. Now the biggest idle should be used to draw and code word writing articles.

So choose, wear comfortable, wild. Making a simple style

Is there any of the same paragraph, do it together?

Take a look at the style renderings

It’s enough to be large enough, it can also cover it, if the child is cold, there is no problem together.

The code is cut, 130 pounds can be wear


Drawing unit: centimeter

The general average code is also an intermediate code, and it is a bit different from front and rear and does not need to be pushed. It can also be accepted.

This is a cropped pattern of front and backs, and the green line is a back sheet, the pink line is the front piece. The blue line is sleeve.

The collar and before, you can do the internal bag treatment, or you can do internal stickers, and the width of 3cm is relatively appropriate.

If you want to do more, you can also find the size of your own size for the following size table.

To learn more women’s clothing and push plates, you can click on the circle card below, and enter the circle from the most basic women’s autologous prototype. Want to learn the formula proportional method of winding, there is no in the circle. I only talk about the prototype of humanoid version

(Add a circle card here, please see the headline client today)


Sewing process and sewing process

The selection of fabrics, cotton and linen fabrics, can not choose too hard linen. It is very loose, too hard, will make the whole dress look like a set of sacks, not exaggerated at all.

According to the top of the pattern, it is cut after the sewing edge.

The cotton and teen fabric will be shrunk after it is performed. It is recommended to wash the fabric and then cut the fabric.

Sewing process: 1 sewing front and rear shoulders

2 sewing sleeve and cage

3 Suture sleeves, front and rear side seam, and sew sewing bags after the position of the exit bag

4 doing the inner side of the neckline

5 cuff and hem do a roller treatment


Good finished product is completed

Isn’t it simple? do you like it? The whole piece did not need the position of the whole, and finally there is no need to be hot, and the washing can be worn.


I just like this clothes, don’t exchange for some, take a time to sit in front of the sewing machine, one!

Good today’s share is here, I can try it.


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Women’s loose cotton and teenager. Just to take the jacket, you can do five days a week.