Up to 13.9! Student Party Treasure Bao Shop sharing, buying is earning


1: Pear Biubiu backpack 25.9-53.9


The bears are sent to the 噢 ~ The evaluation is very good, the price is high.

There is no color difference in color, that is, proper Japanese girl style ~ capacity is also very large, you can let the computer or five three!


2: Cocoa Homemade Backpack 19.9-59.98

Cool style ~ INS minimalist style, you have it, you are the COOL GIRL! Sweet and cool, is not tired!

3: Chestnut tea party shoulder bag 16.8-59.8


The style of the bag is cute, and there is a neutral cool. Boys are also ok! Quality or drop ~


4: Beard Ji Pale 13.9-62.8


Japanese sweet wind ~ The quality of the book bag can be. The capacity is almost possible to put a piece of A4 paper, but it is not recommended to full, the words of the bears are not very nice.

5: Big orange cat 18.8-49.8

The style belongs to the Japanese cute droplets ~ tooling Hong Kong wind can also get! It will also send super cute badges and cards. Most of the materials are waterproof, the capacity is quite large, and the 15.6 computer can also put down.

6: Teenagers and Flowers

Relative to the front, this is a relatively small. The overall is more than the style, the style is unique, and you don’t have to worry about it.