Light and comfortable ladies spring bottoming shirt knit, detailed tutorials and diagrams


Baby sheep, soft, slightly, gloss, toughness, finished product is light and comfortable, do not deform, very much! The color is chosen to be a relatively beautiful light color, color generous.

The style is selected as “high gray” of the bear, there are many kinds of swearing, with long sleeves, short sleeves, materials with cotton, cashmere lines, etc.

Deeply suffer from weaver women.

As I used this line, I did some adjustments when weaving.

Finished product

: Length 62cm sleeve length 63cm (Well shoulder) Bust 88cm Fed 98cm



: Baby Sheep Games 3 woven



: No. 11 Needle (Positive), No. 12 (Needle), No. 13 (Territory).


: 500 grams (Basic End)

I am weaving the fifth size, and the detailed knitting process is as follows.




The 12th row starts from 172 needles. After the 11th needle begins to weave, weaving the needle, starting the pattern and allocates the number of pieces.



: The front and rear pieces of pattern 49 needles, sleeve pattern 17 needles. The front and rear sheets 57 (4 * 2 + 49) needles, 27 (5 * 2 + 17) needles, 4 stems (1 needle) a total of 4 stits, 2-1-6, 4-1 per stem -7, 2-1-19 Adding a needle, which is added to the 15th time, change to 4-1-4 plus needle, and turn the number of needles on the sleeve 5 times, so Before and after the woven, there was a 17-pin, starting the underestimation, starting the circle weaving, at this time, 276 (57 * 2 + 64 * 2 + 17 * 2) needle, no reduction of 30 lines, in the front and rear At 6-1-6 in both sides, 6-1-6 waist, and then weave 20 lines 8-1-6 plus needles, continue to weave 10 lines of woven bottoms. The needle clutch ends after weaving 16.


: 18 needles under the armpits, a total of 111 (27 + 32 * 2 + 1 * 2 + 18) needle, press 6-6-15, 8-2-7 minus rather, and then even minimize 7 needles after 6 Woven cuff pattern, weaving 16 after the end of the needle clutch.


: Pick 172 needles with a 13th needle, minus 12-pin, woven cuff pattern, 14 after the end of the needle clutch.