Don’t wear a tattoo, this year is popular “striped trousers”, thin age, easy to post


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# 流 风 穿 #


Striped elements are a very

Classic element

As long as you understand fashion, you will use it.


Stripe elements

To achieve your own fashion, especially for some designers, the new fashion of the design season will not only pin hopes.

Striped fashion


It will also pass the stripe elements to create a different

trendy style

For most ordinary people, the style of stripe elements has always been


Maybe in daily life, everyone likes to match stripes, or striped jackets.

In addition to these items, it is more recommended to choose the pants of striped elements, not only


Can make a match to achieve

High slim

The point of the woman is not perfect for women, and the sonistic pants are simply their own savings.

You can make your body more picked up, create a different

Fashion charm,

So advise everyone, don’t wear a tattoo, but choose the popular striped trousers this year.

Termeable and age

Can make your dress

Easy to speed up.

What are the advantages of striped trousers?

1. Change the proportion of original body


The reason why the striped trousers will be hot because it is really too much, the most practical advantage is that you can change one person.

Body proportions,

If your body proportion

Not high

It is ordinary

Fifteen points

Material, you can choose

Striped trousers

To change your style and body status.

Maybe many people will feel that striped pants make people feel very


It will be present

Exquisite feeling,

But as long as the style is equipped, it can show a unique

Charm and gas field

, Your wear will reach

Timely thin.

After all, the stripe elements are visually visually, you can put a person’s

Draw a proportion of body,

This is why many people wear striped pants and can do

s reason.

2. Matching more fashionable

Every pants have its defects and advantages, the biggest advantage of striped pants, in their own style design

Very novel

, Stripe elements are a kind

Very popular elements.

So use it on your trousers, you can naturally create a unique

Personality style


If you choose a wide legs or pants, it will not only expose the body defect.

Will also make it look


, A little too bonded, but with striped pants, appearance looks

More liberalization


Will not make people feel


If you want through the most ordinary match, you will upgrade your own


, Then I suggest you try more.

Pants, in terms of style, will show

The most fashionable side.

3. When the style is classic

Pants with stripe elements are a very

Unique existence

, More straightforward, or some



More atmospheric

And like this pants and

It is not easy to obey

I am afraid that it is already the 21st century.


The trousers can still be a mainstream single product, which can present a variety of different.

fashion style

And for some fashion workers,


Pants, absolutely one


It can make the image and style getting more and more successful.

When you are still eager to try for striped elements, when you want to show a different style, smart women have already passed this trousers.

Successful stylish style.

So I suggest that everyone is fashionable.

Take advantage of it early


This kind of pants will not let you regret it, but will feedback

More advantages

Let your match with different


Maybe in the past, you will only match casual style, or simple style, striped elements of pants can be created

Avant-garde style

Even a modern style, or on the countertop

International style.


As long as you have the ability to use this kind of item, striped pants can do


I am afraid that I have been in another ten years, this trousers are still


Will pop.

Ink + suits Striped set + white bottoming shirt

If you want the fashion of stripe elements, help you build more


And more fashionable

Match effect

You can try a suit suit, with a black sunglasses and

White bottoming shirt

Let the overall style look more atmospheric style, interpret the advanced

Fashion effect.

Such a matching method will not

Fashion, it is more complicated, but in one

Simple form


Excavation of striped elements just right

Fashion sensation

I finally interpret the more advanced style, I believe most people are comparable

Respostile stripe elements

It is because such fashion makes people feel very


A little


Feel, but as long as your matching method is a more pragmatic state, I believe that the final style will



What kind of style do you choose?

If you are a person who has an extremely pursuit, then the pants of striped elements can try a little

Complex style

For example, it is a striped pants with bright colors.

Green style is mainly

With this pants, with print suit, combined with one

White shirt

Let the style look more

Artistic sense.

I believe this way of matching, many people don’t dare to try, but use the same color matching to build the relationship between the items, I believe that your wear will become

It’s enough.

3. Suit Jacket + Suit Shirt + Suit Pants

Most people accept the style, all of which are different, some people choose simple

Suit set,

Some people will only choose

More complex

Match form, to exchange more

Fashion results.

For example, choose a suit shirt with


, Choose a suit striped pants, the whole fashion element is

Striped element

Give people feel more

Trendy atmosphere.

So the pure color pants are over time! This winter is popular with “striped pants”, and it can wear it.

Long legs

If you let you choose



Stripe elements

Stripe elements

Stripe elements

Stripe elements

High slim



What kind of style do you choose?