Don’t wear pure desire! New Year’s popular Chinese wear, rye fashion


The pure desire of fire in the previous period, the wealthy valve thousand gold winds we also share a lot! I have recently seen it when I brush all the big social platforms.

“New Chinese Wear”!

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And many bloggers Anli, I will have a few pieces immediately and try to try it. It is really delicious!

@ 726- @ 十 小 小 黄 @ 佳 SIGA @ 金鱼 -ssi

It is said that there is no one to think that Tai Chi is like the young man in the park in the morning?

I think so! Nowadays, many national tide numbers have national style.


And the style design is particularly novel.

Wearing a little will not be old, bloated, old board!


Today I will come to the sisters.

8 sets of new Chinese LOOK!


Let you wear the new year’s ends of the New Year in the beginning of the year!

Look1 cotton doll skirt + hair dragon

This year, the major bloggers are wearing cotton clothes,


Fantastic girl wearing ordinary body!

This set of milk-called cotton doll skirts, purple is also particularly white, as if the Chinese doll is as cute ~

@ 小 甜 noney


Lace design on the waist,

It has improved the waistline and reduces the feeling of skirt.

! Plus

A word of a word


Even if the young belly of the New Year can also cover a second!

I want to be more beautiful and cute

We can learn bloggers with three-dimensional flowers in stockings, and the pattern on the skirt should be educed, soft soft glutinous RUA ~

Going out to take a pair of high-stronged cotton, up and down balance

Not showing the head weights of the weak, sweet up!

I am afraid that the cold sisters can change Mary Tzo shoes.

The same store: Mildrate

LOOK2 improvement cheongsam dress

Sisters who are usually returned to the retro style, I strongly recommend this improvement of the cheongsam dress!

Combined with traditional cheongsam and combination of modern dress,

Keep the charm of the ancient wind, the upper body is full


The hollow design on the neck is the most “heart”!

Draw your neck lines, you can kiss the bones that can raise the fish!


Pear shaped body sister’s own wearing ~


The fork of this cheongsam is just right ~


Let the original temperament, there are many kinds of style, the design of the package,

Really looks like a curve!


I feel that I still have a little cool and sister, I can put a pink small coat outside.


Gentle and warm!

The same shop: ATZ Yuan Sakin

LOOK3 babes set

Sisters who are usually Europe and American hot girls, I will do it in the New Year.


Chinese hot girl


Allwhite + mint green color adjustment is refreshing, special in a black and white ash

There is the effect of purifying the eye ~


@ 腿 Nini

The milk yellow dish buckle in the knit vest leader is specially poked me, there is a sexy of a dark stamp ~

I feel that the sisters who are single single belly are too monotonous, they can learn bloggers.

With the waist chain ~ Let “small waist” you are more eye-catching!

Put on the flower hat, really too small, completely


Essentials of round face

It’s really casual and casual! Cool girl get up ~

With shop: Cappow

LOOK4 Han Everlan

The deceased tenderness is also a must!

There is also a small flower in the skirt, and the feeling of the ancient wind, the self-contained, really make people love!


@ 十 小 小 黄

The shoulder strap is a needable bow design, but also an increase

Elegant eye buff.

The hem of the skirt is a layer of yarn, which is short, is

The true love of pear-shaped sisters

, Can perfectly cover the right hip and the thick thigh position, more thin ~

The new year is mixed with the red single product ~


Package and earrings choose low-key retro red, no mistake,

The upper body is the popularity of people in the world!

This spaurogram is also white ~ all looks very nice, black is very massed by the family ~

White like a very good two, sisters can choose according to their own like ~

Anyway, I don’t do it all!

The same store: too true TELTHETRUTH


LOOK5 hot girl set

The characteristics of the suit are not expensive!


Specially suitable for lazy party sisters

, A set of clear understanding, just draw a makeup, you can go out for about an afternoon tea with your sister.


I especially like this color, fresh fruit green suit, really specially white!

The lamp sleeves on the clothes have increased three-dimensional feelings.

Featuring temperament!

The sisters who are afraid of cold and think that they look at the socks of this year’s fire.

The leg is still warm.

Shoes choose black cotton mopes as the clothes with clothing trays,

The sweet feelings come out!


The same store: Leg Research Institute

LOOK6 rich home,000 gold suit

If you want to have a good fortune, you can see this set.

I love it too much to wear it.


Clean and very high level

And the milk white is too lining, it is very suitable for yellow sisters ~

@ 不


This top of the top is made of long discourse, more design! In the clothes, add the shoulder, the sisters of the shoulder wear

Instantly have a straight strap ~


The sleeves and skirts have added hair on the edge of the fur, like flying, like a feathers angel ~

Learn blogger

Take a good desire to have a cold air wind?

Then, with the same color skirt, it seems that the whole person is high.

Finally, there is a small flower bag.

Can you make the entire look look so expanded?

How to wear it out to show a big piece!


The same store: alinshouse

Look7 new Chinese suit

As a must-have item, it is absolutely non-western, especially in suits + tight skirt = king combination!

This warm UP wool suit jacket is now wearing,


The version of the standing version makes your entire person with a temperament!

Dark green suit jacket, you can take a light colored inner line.

Shallowness in the outside


The matching bag selection the national style of the national style, wearing a thick with high heels,

Very identified leg and thin and tall

Little child is not afraid that the suit is high!


Fang face sisters can learn from the blogger to modify the high-cranial gentle and exaggerated earrings ~ apply a big red lip.


Square beauty.

The same store: Blanklabel

LOOK8 short Tang dress + high waist pants


Small sisters must bring this set home for the New Year! Short Tang Dress + High Waist Whitening

Classic high match ~

@ Is Nara A


This classic cheongsam buckle + baseball service version,

Vintage elements collided with modern version ~


The pattern of clothes is the combination of traditional peony flowers and phoenixes, giving people a very natural sense!

Short T inside with high waist micro-flamps,

It has played the role of improving the waistline


Visual 10 cm is not a dream!

There is a yellow bag on the back of the back.

Let the entire look look more


Volume full ~


Ok ~ Today, my new Chinese is shared here! These 8 sets ensure that you become C bits in the New Year’s photo, rushed to sisters.

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