2022 early spring “single shoes” popular these four, light elegant and easy to match clothes, quick collection


In the winter and spring season, it is more than just new clothes, but also new shoes. Take off the bulky boots, replace the light and comfortable single shoes, to meet the arrival of spring with light footsteps, and convert the mood, it is a small ceremony of the season. The content of this issue gives everyone 2022, the most popular 4 “single shoes” in early spring, light elegant and easy to match clothes, come and see if you like it!

1, ladies style: Mary Shoes

The most obvious feature of this single shoes is that the laces of the foot are very chic, the overall design is a bit like children’s shoes, and there is a little girl with a little girl, so it is quite aged, put it on it. There are both ladies’ elegance, and there is a very affinity of neighboring girls.

Mary Tzo shoes in spring this year, the style will be more concise, the color is also black, white as maintenance, and it is easier to match clothes. But in the detail design or more subdivided, there are round heads, squares and pointed Mary Shoes for everyone to choose. White square Mary Tzu shoes with jeans, casual and elegant. Black pointed Mary Shoes is more elegant, it is very suitable for office workers, with trousers or skirts.

If you want more exquisite, you can choose the black strap Mary Shoes with small white flowers decorated, with black sweaters and skirts, overall black and white color, simple and elegant and very high-level. Black Mariens shoes designed with a bow design on the laces, simple and simple and ten, spring is used in spring shirts and straight trousers, and there are a bit of love in the elegant, and it is also suitable for the workplace.


Silver round head Mary Shoes, more black and white than the foundation, more trendy, with some simple basic models, while the color is dark clothes, a pair of silver Mary’s shoes can brighten well. For example, black POLO neckweed sweater with deep gray wrapped skirt, the whole wear is easy to appear to be old, and the silver shoes can make the whole shape instantly and very precise.


2, retro style: “Grandma Shoes”

Grandma shoes give people very retro, look a bit similar to ballet shoes, usually have a very soft sole, comfortable, down-to-earth feeling, comfortable and comfortable, in recent years, with the rise of retro trends, re-popular .

Retro “grandmother shoes” suitable for spring, more recommended white or low saturation color, such as light yellow, light green, shallow powder, etc., gentle colors wear on your feet, more in line with spring atmosphere. Of course, the Most is still white, such as a gray dress and black sweater, light and elegant, comfortable and comfortable, very suitable for spring.

3, casual handsome neutral wind: Loyifiu shoes

Laoff shoes This kind of “lazy shoes” have always had extraordinary charm. This shoe is extended by the men’s shoes to women, so it is very neutral wind, and there is a handsomeness of “Ya” gentleman.

White Lefu Shoes is more suitable for spring, more affair than black, unlike black so serious, with a suit or windbreaker will look more light, and it is not easy to look old.


Spring Wear Demonstration: Shallow Pink Wind Cloth and White T-Shirt Shadded, put it with yellow high waist casual trousers, overall coloring gentle and refreshing, with a simple white pointed Leafless shoes, one thing in elegance Vacation wind and casual taste, comfortable and light and very fashionable.

White Laofu shoes with metal buckles are very classic, white with gold, giving people a feeling very delicate, with black small suit and pipe pants, meaningful and elegant and casual and casual, but also a little handsome It is also very suitable for spring commuting.


Black Lucky shoes are more convincing, and it is also very wild. Take a look for the spring, you may wish to pick a piece of popular V-neck knit sweater, take a black t-shirt and dark blue pipe pants, when matching Loyifiu shoes, it is best to choose the nine-point long pants, show out Sleevers, not only more favorable, can be slim. Black and white colorful Loyifiu shoes, feel more, seeing is not so serious, it is also a good choice, you can make your dressing taste and a different side.

4, elegant and light, wind: pointed single shoes


The biggest advantage of pointed single shoes is the length of the leg, its shallow mouth design, exposes more footed skin, feel more refreshing, plus the pointed shoe, extends forward, can be visually ” “Legs, especially suitable for short or small children, while the pointed shoes can also make feet more delicate.


Spring is warm, picking a white shirt and black v neck dress stacked, with gray flat pointed shoes, plus a pair of blue socks, both warm and feet, can brighten the whole body, it is worth learning Wearing.

Winter and spring season, the commuting family can choose more simple black pointed single shoes, with fresh blue and white vertical tabs and black pipe pants, plus a colorful knitwear as a shawl, the whole, the best, Yati, is very known nice. Casual Day can choose French blue and white striped shirt with jeans, with white sweater as a shawl, with the orange flat pointed single shoes, the whole elegance is not lost, it is suitable for the spring day. Like friends who wear windbreaker, you may wish to match white skirts and white pointed shoes, create a light elegant spring look.


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