Late 4 hours average! Best “special money” beauty shoes to reduce the negative


Under the “Double Reduction” policy, students will be relaxed. On September 10th, the 37th Teacher’s Day came. As a post-envoy, the educational representative of the question, the teachers have the most beautiful posture on the podium. Forty-minute classroom, support the children in front of the world.

It is standing for a long time, nothing can be more warm than a pair of comfortable shoes. As a brand of Belle International, the “light fashion” Best map will continue to warm the teacher this year. In 2021, the “light post-protecting plan” was launched, surrounded by women’s freedom, feminine, unconstrained life, Baxi created a group of female teachers for the shoes. And these teachers’ editorials are also about to go online to meet with the public. At the same time, teachers will also enjoy preferential shopping shoes benefits.

In addition, in order to pay tribute teachers, the first phase of the explosion model specialized in Best is coming. Let’s take a look!

Super soft pad with the leather inside [Cloud high heel] Let the teacher have the burden “light post”

According to research data, teachers stand on average for 4 hours a day, and the nurse walks up to 30000 steps every day.

The designers analyzed by collecting a large number of foot types and discussed the work scenes of the teacher group, and the Best is carefully selected, and finally designed a series of shoes that are suitable for teachers and nurse groups.

The high-heeled shoes of the cloud is a main push single product for this Teacher’s Day. This upper is a buckle, a simple atmosphere. The shoe is placed in a 4mm super soft pad, and it is equipped with the professional women who work for a long time, and comfortably cares for every teacher.

It is understood that the Best is the brand of Belle International, 1251 national stores, selling 600W double shoe bags in one year, sales of 2 billion; Basto is located in “light box” brand style, insist on doing minimalist and fashionable cost performance Footwear products, main tapping shoes, Laofu shoes, etc., is suitable for workers who have worked for everyday hard work, and meet women’s travel needs in different scenarios.

Has since, Bestu is actively practicing social responsibility and is passionate about public welfare. In 2021, the Best map specially launched a light guard: from the product to the preferential benefits, for the medical care of the first line, the two types of teachers were concerned about caring. Careful care, relieve the long run. These for teachers’ new series of products will soon go online and meet you.

Taking China Kung Fu Metaphor Classroom Secret Technology Creative Teacher’s Day Video


Guardian teachers “light post” and create creative blessings. In order to pay tribute to the 37th Teacher’s Day, the Best map is also specially introduced to create a creative video. Do you still remember what kind of “God Skills” is there? Shunfeng, thousands of miles, or if you have a word when you have a class, you will keep your “fixed margin”?


The teacher is born is a teacher? Before becoming a teacher, they also loved the child, the gods and gods of thousands of pets, and they also chased dreams from south to Beijing. Once they embark on this podium, these students in front of them have become their unified dreams. They took off high heels, put down the young public, the more they don’t have, the more the payment is not calculated.

Besi uses fun China Kung Fu metaphor in the classroom’s god skills, expresses respect and praise to the teacher’s year’s own skills in their own position. Through the “must kill”, it will cause the three generations of emotional resonance through the classroom teacher.

Will n’t work hard, don’t make a matter! thanks for your work teacher!

(Text: Chen Yushan)

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