Design chic princess leather shoes, highlight the different temperament of the little girl


The little princess is a unique spot. It is a non-slip shoe. See those decorations on leather shoes, or cute or sweet, but also follow the pace of trend, showing their unique personality, no matter which one, elegant The temperament is not lacking.

The gorgeous leather shoes are decorated with a bright light, and they are mixed with a gorgeous and exquisite princess skirt, live off a small princess from the fairy tale castle, and dissemise a noble and elegant temperament, which is not open. Eye.


– ❶ –

Bow decoration is more sweet

The elements of the bow are very broad in the items of small princess, so leather shoes must not give up this elements that reveal sweet breath. The big bow is decorated on the upper surface, and the feet is small and more cute.


The bow can be decorated in all parts of the shoes, which can be a large-size bow on the upper, or decorated behind the heel, and of course, the mini bow is decorated on the lace, highlighting more exquisite, people.

– ❷ –


Flower decoration is full of life

As a decorated element, the decoration of the flowers outside the bow is also loved by the little princes. The very brilliant flowers are decorated on the upper, the production of flowers is very vivid, it seems that there is a butterfly parked on the next second.


In addition to using a very full flower made of fabric cortex, the designer seized the small princes hope that the crystal flowers made by crystals, using it to make the decoration of the upper, becoming more Glow color.


– ❸ –


Roman style personality is full

Leather shoes can not only change its ornaments, the style can be changed with the trend, and the traditional leather shoes is improved, and the style is changed into a Roman shoe, and the decoration is used to decorate it. Fashion.

The elements of the Roman shoes have exquisite straps, and also a rivet element full of textures and handsome. Moreover, the color of the shoes is also very beautiful, and then with the rivets of the metal, increase the shiny effect, attracting passers-by.

– ❹ –


Ballet shoes


Among the popular shoes, there is a style of lace and ballet shoes, highlighting the full elegance. Ballet itself is elegant dance, little princess puts on ballet shoes, exudes noble and elegant temperament from top to bottom.

The most classic ballet shoes are its straps, like silk a general straps, can even be used according to the little princess’s own preferences, it can not only show the slim feel of the ankle, but also more Sweet and charming.

The little princess is elegant, and the choice of shoes cannot be lost in elegance.