Little cute Li Zhihen debut Milan, wearing 2020 spring and summer pink European dresses, sweetness exceeds


Recently, Korea’s well-known artist Iu Li Zhihen appeared in Milan Gucci, wearing 2020 spring and summer pink European dress super cute, then walking into Milan street, wearing a military green windbreaker low-key and advanced. As a national goddess of South Korea, the value of Iu is really very capable, whether it is a thick makeup or a fresh light makeup, it can give people a different feeling. In addition to high value, IU’s wearing also belongs to the level of the temple, because the temperament is good, the simple set of clothes will be very different in her body.


# 一 等 春 春 #

Iu Li Zhiwen in Milan Fashion Week, the orange pink tulle skirt is extravagant, and the beautiful yarn puts the iU small fairy, fresh and elegant atmosphere, although most actresses in South Korea have a sexy charm But with the IU of the orange pink yarn skirt elegant, but still has a small sexy.


The upper body of this yarn skirt is very lady, but the lower body uses bold fashion elements, the high-ground design is full of graceful style. The thin and elegant yarn skirt is even more fluttering in walking. With iU this woman’s taste of a hairstyle, there is a unique style of oriental women.

When IU appears on the street, it is the principle of low-key, so wearing some styles are more ordinary clothes, one military green trench coat with light gray round neck knitting. The version of the windbreaker is relatively loose, so wearing it is very comfortable, and there will be no sense of binding. And this loose version of clothes is very low for the requirements of the body. Whether you are a very thin body, it is a slightly full body, wearing this loose windbreaker is very nice.

The ash brown knit sweater is also a very classic, very wild style, which can not only use the windbreaker, knitted jacket, suit jacket can be used, so if you still have a miss one in your wardrobe If you put on the bottom, you must choose this simple and wild style.


IU is wearing a tight ridge jeans and a pair of white canvas shoes. IU’s hairstyle is also very simple, and a long-haired is freely to enter a mear head. The eight-word Liu Hai can make a good formation of face, so that the face looks more smart. Although it is a very ordinary shape, Iu wears a very fresh and very cute feeling, it is worthy of the goddess in many boys.


The color of the sweater is the light blue, but this color is good, it is still more suitable for girls with white, if it is a little short, there may be no kindness of the girl.

Light blue is a color that belongs to the girl, and it will give people a very cute, very lively feeling. IU wearing a very loose thick coated sweater, although this sweater is very ordinary round neck style, but it is very good, no matter whether the skirt is still a very good look.

IU has a feeling of a colorful pleated skirt in the lower body, and the pleated skirt is also a kind of style. Nowadays, many school uniforms are shirts plus pleated skirts. So the pleated skirt will give you a very strong campus feeling. And the skirt of the skirt on IU is still very fine, this also makes it a little more elegant in the skirt that originally youthful. The two styles are mixed together not only have a sense of violation, but it is very harmonious.

Leather is a lot of cool girls, as long as you put on the leather, even if you are the prostitute, you can wear a rebellious feel. But there is no absolute, IU has a sweet feeling that will be treated with a very handsome leather. IU with a very lively jeans and military greenboard shoes when wearing this leather, the hairstyle also made a very cute shawl, air Liu Hai is part of the most spiritual soul of the whole style, this Liu Hai let Iu look very much Gentle and sweet.

This dress is very classic black gold color, which gives people a very elegant feeling together. The whole skirt is black, and the position of the collar cuffs and the skirt has a golden wire embroidery as a decoration, and these embroidery decorations are not particularly, but they can play the effect. If the embroidery is too much, there will be an too much Metering feeling. The skirt waist has a cortical belt decoration, which makes it look more slim, it is very thin. The black beretsule wearing a black beret not only allows the entire shape, but also makes Iu look more sweet.

A milky white knitted cardigan is mixed with a white middle collar sweater, which looks like a sweet sense of the neighboring big sister, with a deep coffee colored skirt, simple atmosphere. The skirt is very advanced strip fabric, wearing a retro beauty on the body.

The Star Dress is a lot of girls, this skirt is really a very dreamy feeling. Iu wearing a blue star dress, the color of the skirt is very deep blue, looks very advanced, although it is a yarn fabric, but will not feel cheap. The skirt style is the design of a lens, which allows IU’s straight strap and sexy clavicle to be fully presented. The skirt has made a front and long style, and the light skirt behind him looks very elegant when walking. Under the illumination of the light, it seems to be very romantic like the entire galaxy.


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