Will you wear sports shoes? Often the points of the selection, the effect is stunning


Compared to high-heeled shoes and small leather shoes, we have only comfortable in the expectation of sports shoes. Especially in the hot summer, there is only a very few people who are willing to step on high-heeled shoes every day for exquisite images? In more scenarios, our preferred is still a comfortable casual sneakers. This also gives new challenges to the love of the beauty: how to wear the sneakers will not look rustic and lazy?

This problem is not a season limited, but the summer sneakers seem to be especially difficult. Because in the spring and autumn and winter three seasons, we can also use a quite pleasant trousers to attract our sight, so that the existence of sneakers is not so conspicuous, weaken the overall scattered temperament. However, in the summer, everyone is fighting the skin, and a pair of sneakers seems too cumbersome.

How to balance our pursuit of fashion and our desire for comfort? We will talk about it in this issue.

Sports shoes selection and those things

, After learning these points, ordinary people can also put sports shoes.

All image shaping is starting with the selection, and the sports shoes are also true. Before you look down, you may wish to make a few questions about yourself:


Do I choose a sports shoes? Is it comfortable? Will it go out?

If the answer is mostly negative, you have made some common sense errors on the selection contract. Let’s discuss the wearing ideas of various sneakers.

Little white shoes

Xiaobai shoes are undoubtedly a personal darling, but when we go out in summer, it is also the most

Easy to step on the thunder

. Because in the summer, our lower body often chooses the semi-skirt, the cool clothing such as shorts, and the existence of small white shoes will have a strong contrast to our skin color, if

It is not white

It will not be very spiritual. In addition, the calf part is gone, the sole is a flat style, for

No foot neck

The crowd is very unfriendled,

Easy to see fat


The way of resolution is to change the length, try to

Avoid choosing the following style


. Either use ultra shorts to pull the long leg line, or choose a light panties that can cover the imperfect calf lines. However, for those who are not beautiful enough, even if they have been selected, they should be cautious choosable to choose the height and shoe shape of the shoes.

Our previous experience is: the shoes are short, and the shoes are low. Multiple practice experiences also proved the correctness of this rule, but they did not end when it was mixed with sneakers.


The low-handed shoes is high for small legs.

For the crude nearsighters, blindly highlighting will make the calf muscles are more obvious.

Good renovation effect is good

Just below the ankle

The principle is to use the bone feel to create a feeling of slimming. In addition, for small children, the pointed shoes can be exposed to foot, but if the shoes are heavy, they will be dragged down, and they are counterproductive.

Choosing a micro-elliptic shoe is more suitable


2. Old shoes

The old shoes is a trend of shoes that have been protruded from the other years. As the name suggests, “Old” likes to wear shoes, because its shape is exaggerated, the bottom trap is stable, and it can be highlighted by the legs.

Compared with the ordinary version of sneakers, it is quite heavy, and must rely on large-scale skin care to maintain a spare gas field.

For older shoes, it is that the kind of lazy adjustment and feelings can be found, so

Use it to use the highlight of the whole body, but

. We usually love


It can be perfectly fitted with this pair of strong old shoes.

Basic + foundation color clothing gives the next flat and casual tone, the old woman chooses the same color system, will increase the high level, and if the bold uses fresh color to make a collision match, let the simple wind wear Make a hierarchy and personal style.

The mixing needs to consider the harmony of color, and there is a compatibility between items. For small children, if wearing old shoes,

Loose wide leg pants or large length skirt

The whole person is easily dragged. However, if it turns to choose extremely slim ultra-shorts or mini skirts, it will highlight the sense of existence of the old shoes. Under this match, if your legs are not enough, it is difficult to satisfy the effect.



Small child




The crowd is in the elderly shoes

It is recommended to match a length of straight pants

And the roll-up is also avoided.


3. Canvas shoes

The canvas shoes have a relatively compatible compatibility, which can make a lot of style deformation, so the payment points are in comfort. Many people feel that they feel squeezed when they wear canvas shoes, that is, because ignoring their own foot characteristics, such as the high low of the arch, the width of the back of the foot. Generally speaking,


When people choose canvas shoes, they should be more

Focus on the elasticity and softness of the insole


. for

Foot back width

People say, choose

Round shoe

The style will be comfortable.

On the match, the material of the canvas shoes is lightweight, and it belongs to the lightweight shoes.


Try to avoid heavy version of the weighted version on the selection of clothing

Otherwise it will easily look at the head. Canvas shoes and jeans are naturally never timeless, according to the former Wen Si Road, you can pay attention to the height and pants.

The mix of the suspender skirt and canvas shoes is also a good choice, which is satisfied with the summer skin care, and it can be less excited under the adjustment of the shoes. If you think that the skin is too high, add a white t-shirt to avoid embarrassment, but also

Through the color of the top, echoing the shoes, making it more harmonious.

The above is about the sharing of sports shoes, this issue, let us talk here, if you have questions about fashion, wear, etc., welcome to leave a message in the comment area, let’s see you next period ~

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