Super sharing! When red men’s bag selection, girls are also very fashionable


Now that is exquisite BOY, or the elite of the workplace, it is more important to wear and taste, and the bag is a ring as a wearing a ring, and it is naturally indispensable. Although these bags have been born, they are also very trendy. This boyfriend bought a bag, I can back, think about it is very suitable ~



The backpack should be the most widely covered population. Whether you are a student party, a mountainee, commutation or travel can be used. Shoulder bags like Gucci, LV, Saint Laurent, have already belong to classic signs of the package industry, and the popularity has been very high. If it is a boys who have just started to buy a package, it is recommended to buy from these paragraphs, which is not easy to make mistakes. If you want to buy more eye-catching, I recommend Fendi small monster backpack, the devil’s eyes are very identified, proper tide male Fan!



Practicality is the biggest feature of the pocket, put your belongings into the pocket, you need to put it now, very safe. There are three more recommended: Celine Triangle Classic old flower canvas to create, with high-quality retro literary, playful and chic. Universal models

Goyard camera bag: The skin is soft, and it is very good to be very practical. Dior’s small saddle bag is more delicate, durable, very suitable for white tender little milk.




First of all, it is of course the Hermès business package / briefcase, there is a wild man with hormone temperament, and it will give people a very professional feeling. Young people are recommended for YSL, nylon, and linen materials are very suitable for young men. Celine’s Tott package has strong practical and fashionable feelings.

Messenger bag-CROSS BAG

Voyager’s postman bag is a business man’s most worthy bag. It is low-key and handsome. Fendi’s legacy is a young stylish dynamic; Dunhill Lock Bag will integrate modern avant-garde’s British style and perfectly into classic In the steady temperament, the girls are back, and they are cool and cool; the BV family’s Stretch Cassette, the styles tailored for the boys, and the back is a very advanced teenager.

how about it? Which one do you most interested? Commentation message tells me ~