18 sunscreen comparison: light-seeking label can DISS drop 8 models such as Kayoli, Antarctic, and Xili


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When you purchase a product, you can’t blindly supersive sales.


Neiji does not prevent the old, sunscreen to prevent the old! A sentence with ridicule, the importance of sunscreen. In addition to sunscreen, the most sought after the need to prevent clothes.


However, the quality of sunscreen clothes on the market is uneven, and the price ranges from tens to hundreds, how do you choose to be appropriate? With a rigorous attitude, “consumers report” interpret the labels of 18 underwear clothes.

18 sunscreen clothing

Uniqlo, Decathlon, Bochi, Pathfinder, Antarctic, camel, banana, UV100, Ohsunny, Jeep, Senma, Maio, VVC, Kaile, Arctic velvet, Botton, Belle, Spirit

Three Tmall best-selling sunscreen labels “all”

The label on the clothing is equivalent to the “ID card” of the clothes. Accurate label information can transmit products, use, and maintenance methods to consumers

At present, clothing product labels should comply with GB 5296.4-2012 “Consumer Goods Note No. 4: Textiles and Apparel” and GB 18401-2010 Relevant requirements for the National Textile Product Basic Safety Technical Specifications.

The formal clothing class identity must include: manufacturing enterprise name and address, product name, product number or specifications, fiber components and content, maintenance methods, implementation product standards, safety categories, etc. Among them, the product number or specifications, fiber components and content and maintenance methods must be marked on a durable label to allow consumers to obtain corresponding information from the durable label after wearing a period of time.

Through the interpretation of 18 labels, “consumers report” found that nearly half of the products did not meet the standard regulations. Among them, the Antarctic skin clothes indicate its UPF 40+ on the tag, which does not match the measured value of 35, suspected of virtual standard; 4 security categories such as camels, Jeep Kaile, Belle passenger, and actually wearing The situation does not match, according to GB 18401-2010 “Basic Safety Technical Specifications of National Textile Products”, Class C is a textile product that is non-direct contact with skin, and the thin “sunscreen” “skin clothing” products are generally in summer stickers, safety The category should be “Class B: Direct contact with the skin of the skin”.


In addition, the durability label of the VVC women’s elegant ultraviolet sun contains no Chinese description, does not meet the standard requirements.


It is worth mentioning that Tmall sells Bonnton, Bell and Loss, and the three products in front of the price are more serious. Durability labels are irregular, some even trademarks, and there is no tag.

▲ Xilian ice silk sunscreen clothing is the only label

So, we can’t blindly superstitious sales, and don’t pursue low prices. Instead of buying a so-called net red product, explosive products, it is better to choose a big brand, and at least be more specific in the product label.


Ordinary cotton clothing, sunscreen effect is not bad

In actual testing, we found a interesting point. As a common cotton T-shirt in the control group, there is also a good sunscreen effect, and even more than some well-known brands of sunscreen, such as Decathlon, Kaile, Sen Ma.

In addition, the professional and technical personnel of Ningbo Quality Inspection Institute Textile Fiber Inspection Center have launched a series of sunscreen tests.

The results showed that under the same color, 100% cotton ordinary clothing UV-ultraviolet performance was better than the main material of polyester fibers, nylon as the main material.

Under the same material, the deeper the color of the clothing, the better the sunscreen.

So if your cotton long-sleeved breathable is good, it can actually be your “sunscreen”. For more product information, remember to pay attention to “consumers report”!