Women’s shoes that make men’s shoes! These two pairs of Air Force 1 are a bit bright


Born in 1982 Air Force 1, is a pair of unclatted super old artillery shoes. After 37 years of test, it is still one of the most beautiful shoes.

Many of them are born, but it is a pity for men’s shoes, because many bright eyes are only GS specifications, and there are two new color exposure in recent days, and only GS specifications.

令男鞋头羡慕的女鞋!这两双 Air Force 1 有点亮眼

With the classic Air Force 1 Low footwear, the two shoes are made in black, white color scheme, and delicate leather materials. Among them, the black side of the black is covered with dark blue coverage. At the same time, the material is also replaced by the bright patent leather material, carefully observes the pattern under the dark blue color, quite artistic atmosphere.

令男鞋头羡慕的女鞋!这两双 Air Force 1 有点亮眼

White models are present, white with silver color schemes, bring full fashion temperament, with yellow swoosh logo, perfect the design of the whole double shoe.

令男鞋头羡慕的女鞋!这两双 Air Force 1 有点亮眼

At present, the specific release information of two color colors has not been released, and we will continue to pay attention and bring follow-up tracking in the first time.

Pic Via: US_11