Men’s shorts Take Guide: 10 kinds of must-have tips, fashionable and comfortable


Shorts must be used as a wardrobe, refreshing and comfortable. Gentlemen, we will use short and easy-to-understand men’s shorts today to say goodbye to greasy, easy to wear a shorts.

Men’s shorts history

During the Second World War, shorts in North Africa became very common.


The shorts began in the 1890s for the “knee pants” designed for boy, used as uniforms of schools and boy sons. When the boy grows up, he will no longer wear shorts and change the pants.

This has changed in the Second World War. In the tropical climate, the troops began to wear shorts to deal with high temperatures. From 1940 to 1943, the British’s eighth army in North Africa (also known as “mouse”) of “Desert”) was conspicuously displayed. The German Afrikakorps, the Italian army and the free French army also brought shorts to the battlefield.


Hollywood and fashion designers have begun to standardize shorts only.

In the 1930s, men began to wear shorts to participate in sports events and family costumes. By the 1950s, in the casual situation under the hot weather, I have already traveled the streets.

When is the men wear shorts?

Shorts are casual clothing, the main content of men’s summer clothing. You want to feel comfortable to avoid sweating at high temperatures and want to act freely.

Men’s shorts are suitable for summer activities, such as outdoor activities such as beaches, poolside pairs and hiking or running.

Strone with friends? Write around in the town during the day? Go to the private party? Wearing your shorts, you will do it.

When is men not wear shorts?

Some casual workspaces do so shorts. You may not even be willing to wear them to participate in the casual business meeting, although this is not a common practice in most areas in the world.

The right judgment is important. Look at the people around you wear, determine the self-evident dress requirements, and decide whether you should wear shorts.

Any trousers will be needed for any business casual apparel. Law firms, corporate offices and banks should not wear a few examples of shorts. On the contrary, please wear twill cotton trousers or casual pants.

The golden law is that if you are not sure if you can wear shorts, you should not wear shorts. In any of the above conditions, the pants should be selected.

How should men shorts look?

What should I appear when wearing a shorts? It is easy to confuse all conflicts on the network.

In the men’s clothing, it is the king. Let us discuss those who are best for different body.

1, bodybuilding sports shorts


Attachment men’s shoulders are large and gradually tilted to the waist. This gentleman has the broadest choice when wearing shorts.

Muscle developed men tend to think that loose shorts will balance the torso. No, it will only make you look into a proportion.

Select the quantitative tailor-made tailoring, hit a solid foundation. You want shorts to be comfortable, but not just like a skirt.

If you need to consider the volume, you can consider using a shallow color – this can balance the body more effectively.

2, slim men’s shorts

Slim men are best matched with slim shorts. Avoid wearing loose shorts because they will make your torso and legs. I should avoid wearing a wider shorts at all costs.

You also want to take preventive measures to prevent the expansion. Your shorts should be straight, do not have excess materials around the edges. Similarly, if it is ignored, a “skirt effect” will be generated.

3, men’s dad shorts

Men who surround the central weight need to avoid wearing a slim shorts. Slim shorts will only enhance your stomach.

Wear a little width shorts. Select straight shorts. They will improve your outline and minimize attention to the waist.

Pleated shorts should be avoided. Although pleated shorts is rare, it produces a line that directs your waist. Father’s tall man supplemented with straight foot shorts that do not emphasize torso.

Do not wear shorts below the knee, because longer shorts (such as Bermuda shorts or half shorts) will make your legs look smaller, the stomach is also bigger.

Avoid using an elastic belt in casual situations. It will pinch the waist and make muffins. However, it is a good choice to use the elastic belt with swimming trunks or sports shorts.

Men’s shorts common length

The most common length of men’s shorts is 3, 5, 7 and 9 inches of the SE sewing measurement. A pair of perfect men’s shorts should cover one-third of your legs.

Shorts (3-5 inches) typically include sportswants, such as swimming trunks and running shorts. For longer shorts (7-9 inches) include common styles such as flat-bottom card, pleated shorts, Bermuda shorts and Madras shorts.

Long shorts are usually more formal than short pants.

How to choose the best length suitable for yourself


Simple answer to the correct wear shorts is: Never go to the knee below. Everything exceeded this range will be dangerous to enter the Joz region, and it is never fashionable.

Common 7 inch SE is suitable for middle-aged people, which is why it is so universal. People with short and higher may need to look more effort.

It also does not meet the purpose of wearing shorts. If the goal is comfortable and flexible, why do you want to limit your knees?

The specific answer depends on the specific situation. Go to 2-3 on the knee, if you are wearing casual shorts with t-shirt, button, or polo. This effect is good when it is matched with twill cotton shorts or khak. On the other hand, sports shorts are easy to end at 5-6 inches above the knee.

1. Suitable for shorts of short men’s shorts

A man of 5’7 or less is considered a short child in the United States. In the figure above, we see a 5’2 people wearing a 7 inches of SE bones. Please note how shorts are dangerous.

He wants to avoid sewing 9 inches or even 7 inch long shorts, because this will make his legs look short. Instead, he should buy a swimming trunks of a leisure shorts in 5 inch SE and a swimming trunks of 3 inch SE.

The short child should also avoid shorts. The huge side bag will make a small figure short.

2. Suitable for shorts with medium height men

The average height of American men is 5’8 to 5’10. If the goal is a polo and slippers in shorts, then the SE sewing effect is very good.

3. Suitable high men’s shorts

The high child in the above chart is higher than 6’1. They have encountered too much legs. If your body is in good condition, this is not very dense. As long as you remember, the more the skin displayed, the more shorts will be leisure.

If they want to wear casual buckles, polo or slim shoes, then 7 inches SE is the shortest length they should allow. 5 inches should be working properly when talking to swimming trunks or sports shorts.

Select the right fabric for men’s shorts


Let’s take a look at the most common fabric of shorts.

1, cotton

About 90% of all shorts are made of cotton,

Cotton twin cloth


It is the most common way to weave. Twilter is dense but durable. The shorts itself makes the air fail to breathe, thus making up for the shortage of breathability.

Bubble yarn

It is a three-dimensional weaving with pleated texture that promotes air flow. It is used throughout the 19th century, but in 1909, Tailor Joseph Haspel started to make a suit. The bubble yarn also adds a texture to your ensemble. This is a good way to introduce a very little man who will have.


It is a textured cotton, which uses a stronger and stripes. It starts at the Central Fabric Column of the Indian Peasant Class. The Netherlands and the British businessman in love with this kind of thing in 1600. Cotton lattice Madras (Madras) arrived in the United States in 1718 and took off due to their breathability.

2, linen

Flax is a durable fabric, it is very suitable for summer wear. Wearing linen shorts will ensure maximum gas permeability.

Flax is easy to wrinkle. You can reduce wrinkles by using tighter linen fabrics, but still need to receive wrinkles.

3, wool

Wool is a high-grade fabric of men, rarely seen in men’s shorts. Synthetic fabric shorts is ideal for performance selection, but its breathability is not as good as natural fabrics.

Need maintenance. You imagine treat them like wool pants. Regular use of clothes brush to remove excess dirt or food particles.

Make sure they hang them every time you wear. If necessary, please use a steamer to clarify any of your own creases you have on the fabric.

It is a great choice for summer wearing, because it is better than the absorption of moisture than many fabrics, so that you feel dry all day. It can also enhance your elegance in your casual.

You can also make shorts through the tropical light wool, which is a lightweight woolen wool we often see in the suit.


4, synthetic fiber


Also known as industrial fabrics, for example

Polyester and nylon

Synthetic fibers will provide you with the best service in sports and exercise.

The advantage of synthetic fabric shorts is durability and low cost. They are usually not breathable. However, you can find shallow knitting to make up this.

The polyester also has excellent moisture moisture and removing dry properties, which means that these shorts will be easily illegal.

5, fabric blend


For a particular reason, a mixed fabric will be made when at least two fibers are mixed together to form a new fabric.


Is it suitable for you? This depends on the purpose. A good example is a cotton and a small amount of spandex, which can make cotton more flexible. However, the mixture produced by cost savings is generally poor.

Careful choice. Choosing between shorts of all natural or synthetic fabrics may be simpler.

Understand color and pattern


1, casual shorts color


Range from the navy until light blue. This is a highly interchangeable color, which is very good with calories. For example, bringing Navy Blue Shallow Cotton Shorts and white casual buttons to a classic combination.


Shorts are often referred to as khaki. It is eternal, simple color, has versatility. For more formal cases, the kahetclifference is even a common choice.


Is a colorless color that matches any color you need. You can also choose from charcoal to light gray colors.

Gentle color (

For example, lime, lavender, mint and salmon are considered to be overchair. They have high versatility, but more attention is attracted to the above conservative similar products.

Before studying blue, gray and brown, make sure you have a solid foundation and then try to use bright colors.

2, pattern on shorts

For men’s shorts (and any clothing), the pattern will limit the versatility of the clothing. After correct pairing, they can add some taste, but please take carefully.

Solid color

Shorts are the most common. There is no pattern means you can afford to get a more aggressive pattern on the selected shirt, and even select a relatively busy shoes such as siphon.


Sold in various sizes and color combinations. The woven of the bubble yarn has a fine alternating stripe, depending on the length of the wearer and the difference in the occupation, the name of the stripes is different. For example, in the ancient western part, the navy blue striped bubble yarn is called “peach stripes”.


It is a pattern of cross-horizontal and vertical directions to form a square stripe. They have a large density. You can easily find shorts with classic plaid patterns.

Men’s shorts type

When talking about men’s shorts, there are many styles available. Let’s quickly learn about some key types you may find in your local store.

Running shorts

The design is intended to promote the maximum freedom during exercise. Most running shorts include lining, which can also serve as underwear. Most of them are made of polyester.

Swimming pants

Also known as swimming trunks. They are made of nylon and have a mesh liner that makes the clothes faster.

Denim shorts

It starts popular in the late 1960s, as part of the resistance war and the government’s resistance movement. They are the products of the radical anti-cultural trend, which has last continued until the 1990s. I don’t recommend you to choose denim shorts because they seem to have a hugger – just like you just get off from the knees.



Is the most common shorts style. The material is flat to the zipper. Flat pants and shorts typically wear a slightly low position and look slim.


Pleated shorts

The pleats face the front of the shorts. Fold the material and sew it and then secure to the belt.

Riding shorts


It is a tight shorts to alleviate the wind resistance and protect the skin from rubbing.



It is a loose long swimming shorts, there is an opening instead of an elastic belt.

Try shorts

It is loose tailoring shorts, and there is a tooling pocket on both sides. Their military legacy can be traced back to the Second World War. However, due to the bump appearance of the pouch, they look good in most men.


Madras shorts

It is made of light fabric and is known as a bright lattice pattern. What I did not mention before is that this style is taken from its hometown of India – the present name chennai.

Shoes suitable for shorts

There are a lot of choices, depending on your favorite style. Taking into account the level of leisure of men’s shorts, most of the shoes and dress boots are going out.

1, men’s Laofu shoes

It is a classic and elegant summer shoes that you can easily wear. Men’s Lefu shoes are durable and durable. They allow an ankle to be completely exposed, so that it can be better cooled. They are reliable for men seeking to enhance elegant breath. There are also a variety of options – from a streamlined sashimi to the more casual sobble shoes. You can also choose punch leather to help air circulate.

2, boat shoes

It is another option. They are simple flat leather shoes with rubber bottoms to maintain traction on the ship deck.

3, casual sports shoes

It is a hundred. White sneakers are desirable, but it is easy to lose gloss, brown looks and dirty, is a good choice

Socks suitable for shorts

Can you wear a men’s shorts? Of course, you can wear, ankles or non-coming socks.

If you take a shoe, please rely on the unsatisfactory sock. You still need socks to prevent moisture on your feet to destroy your shoes. Don’t worry – socks don’t get out of the lazy shoes. Your ankle can breathe safely.

If you are wearing sports shoes, the ankosh should work very well.

Shirt type suitable for shorts

The type of shirts you wear depends primarily on shorts. Sports shorts will guarantee similar brands of sports tops.

A simple white T-shirt can be matched with most shorts


For longer cotton, linen or wool shorts can easily match the tabby T-shirt or casual button.You can also move the polo to promote a more formal atmosphere.If you put the shirt into the belt, make sure it is combined with the belt.

Suitable jacket with shorts

This is a suspicious territory.If your goal is kept calm, you don’t want to be layered.However, if your goal is running or gym, hoodie and sports jackets can work well.

You can also use light jackets to effectively pair.If your goal is to go shopping on the town, consider wearing a suede pilot jacket.You can even wear a suit jacket with Bermuda shorts.The more the color is more and better.


In some cultures, you can even wear a suit jacket of Bermuda shorts.Like us, please make sure to determine unscrupulous dress requirements!

The above mainly talked 10 kinds of wearing guides suitable for men’s shorts. With this basic guide, it is enough to upgrade your shorts wardrobe, gentlemen, please wear them without fear, to welcome the refreshing summer.