How should men take it? Dunlong wears long-term skin coat personal demonstration, temperament wear!


Most of the sisters are born with born beauty. When the girls are together, they will always discuss the discussion of cosmetics and wearing, but many men are not very good at wearing, sometimes the sisters will also be How to guide the boyfriend to dress up.

Today, Xiaobian The theme of this article is about wearing, and interested friends quickly look down!


Recently, the focus is a Milan fashion week. Many stars are in charge, although they are just watching, but they can’t lose their decent.

The shape of a non-exciting female star is better than one eye, even the male star is not slack.

In the figure, the handsome Dunlun, who starred in the TV series “Xiang Hai Shen Yan Yousi” broadcast, Dunlun’s popularity has always been high, this time he is unveiled, the shape of the week is really very good.


It can be seen that Dunlong is in a long caramel color coat. Since this coat is a leather, it seems very textive, and it is a white shirt and a white shirt. Black casual pants, this set of moisture is improved.


This time, Milan Fashion Week, Dunren is simply dedicated to the temperament of the man who is suitable for men’s temperament? ? Don’t you have to learn from everyone in front of the screen? In fact, the skin coats have a lot in the wardrobe of the male stars, and there is still one in this fashion week.


He is Dawei, I believe everyone should not be strange to him. On the day, he wore a long-long dark coffee color coat, with a white round neck T-shirt and camel’s suit, the lower body is a white casual pants, this body is full of temperament!

The 40-year-old Dawei is also a skin coat with a 26-year-old Dunlend, but it has a different feeling, but the two styles are full of temperament. I don’t know who you do. ? In the eyes of Xiaobian, they are very nice to their two models!


Finally, the handsome Wang Yibo, which exposed a group of his photo photos before. In the photo, Wang Yibo wears a long leather coat of lake blue, and the color is very special. The design of the belt instantly tall the waistline, making Wang Yibo’s body proportionality is more great than it is.

Wang Yibo, who is duplex, yellow, tapered, is more exciting, a strong “British wind” breath. This set of styles is very different in style, have to say that this kind of skin coat is really wearing every age! How much is the small friends who have learned from the dressing coat? Hurry to leave your opinion to the comment area ~