Is it worth not to buy a package after Jordan? Her favorite wine red handbag, recommended 40+ female buy


With the beautiful and interturized Jordan Wang Lania, the spending of these years is not better than Kate, especially the money spent on the bag every year. Below, the partner takes everyone a woman who is a royal family likes to make a bag.


The first thing that everyone is not imagined. The big middle school president of Jordan’s favorite big name has not found Hermes, but LV, San Rolland, Yanfen, Fendi, and even Jimmy Choo. The brand specially doing shoes.

San Ran’s bag is very in line with its home temperament and style, some exaggerated but do a feminine. The underarm bag of this flower is to put it now, and it will attract a lot of fashion people to “fold”. After Jordan, the costumes selected for this bag were very women’s taste, and the loose wide-legs with high heels, the coat stitched the girl, and there was a lot of age.


She also has a brown with paragraph, and the costume also chooses to echo the bag color. Such a fashionable wear method has been using the Jordanian Queen, and the classic never-circulation is really not based. The price of this bag at the time has been as high as US $ 1295, equivalent to about 8,400 yuan, not cheap!

The Die’s bag is also very like after the King of Jordan, but because most of the weaving, the back is not low-key. And because it is a weaving style, it is easy to scratch and is very scratched, and there is a lot of practicality, and the cost performance is not high. This package is priced at $ 2900, equivalent to RMB near 10,000.

However, Saint Rollan is not only this excessive styles, but also has a relatively professional style. And this style is more appropriate for Rana’s identity. This wine red Saint Roland bag first is very advanced on color, with garments that are basically unpick. With the same color, the military green or the color is no sense,

Mature 40+ women really have a wine red bag, accompanying her husband, there is face, and girlfriends are not afraid of hit.

It is said that there is a medium-sized handbag in the red Jordanian king, and the style is even a bit stupid, because the rivet in the back is like two eyes. The limitations in this bag are also high,

Because the color is too bright and then selecting bright color is easy to show exaggeration

. Matching pure white or pure black is simpler.

Speaking of LV, everyone may impress the bag of the old flower pattern, in fact, this “capucinesmm” bag is also explosive. French lady Bradit This style different colors have started, and there is a low-key attendance. This package of clothing is relatively low, and the effect of the overall presented is a lot of harmony.

After the same bag, Jordan was also settled in light brown snakepotchid, always, it was more mature, but it was basically not picked up. Sure enough, it is a color low-key, and the adapted bag is more and can drive all kinds of occasions.

The LV home bag also has a pressed style. Compared to direct printing styles, it is more low-key, but at the same time, the package is more simple and mature, and it is more elegant to match the ladies set or a neck. However, the price is much beautiful than Saint Roland, and buying Saint Roland’s layout, it is better to add a few thousand pieces of LV to buy this leather material, cost-effective.

The wardrobe in the wardrobe after Jordan is relatively low, and the wild bag is also Feeekaboo. She chose the bean sand green, the color belt a bit of brown tone, and this also determines its extract. After the Jordanian, I used the army and striped flowers to match this bag, and the effect of presented is very outstanding.

Moreover, the overall matching has a sense of knowledge, and weaken the strong sense of her body. It can be described as a hundred bags that are not lost.


In fact, it can be seen from the history of the bag of the Jordan, although the extensive bag is very popular, but it takes very important, it is difficult to wear a sense of temperament. Instead, the simple monotonic bags are more likely to highlight the temperament of the package owner and the feeling.


Although I envy Jordan Queen’s bag, there are many women’s dreams, but everyone must be reasonable to buy, because it is not careful that may be bankrupt.

Drawing on the tips after Jordanian and the skills of the bag, fashion does not necessarily need to stack the big name, and everyone will treat it.

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