How to choose a hat different face? 3 selection formulas +3 hat skills, teach you small face


Different faces are suitable for wearing different hats. Although most people in life don’t like to use a hat to dress up, it is actually a very key to love beauty. If you don’t know how to choose the right hat, This article will introduce you to the three-selection formula and three skills to wear a hat, and integrate these tips into your shape, you can add points for your temperament.


First, 30 seconds to judge your face

1 face length> width or wide> long

2 square chin, sharp, or round

simply speaking,

Goose, long face, round face, square face, diamond face, heart-shaped face

These six faces are more common types.

The premise of choosing a hat is to clarify your face, most of our faces are mainly divided into six, and these six face-shaped features are different.

When you judge your face, you must first look at your own.

The face is greater than the width or the width is greater than the length.


Judging your chin is the pointer, the square, the chin is still


. Then you can determine it, you can compare according to the following figure, so you know what kind of face shape you belong to.

Second, how to choose a hat?


>> All face-to-face applications Formulas +3 hats tips

[1] Selection formula introduction:

Formula 1. High-cap top + wide hat, visual display

Especially suitable: round face, square face

Select a hat, everyone is more important, but more importantly, it is more important to be able to modify the face, so the combination of high hill top plus a wide hat is worth reference.


You can pass

The top of the top to modify your skull, thus creating the passage of the head, and then modify the hairline and our humeral, for the woman, the woman is very friendly for round faces, faces and long faces. It can be visually appeared small.

Formula 2. Hard skin + oblique, modified hairline

Suitable: long face, diamond face


Choosing a hat needs to pay very attention to its material, compared with soft leather, but also recommend everyone to choose the leather that is hard. The hard-skinned hat will feel that there is more three-dimensional, not easy to deformed, and it will be better for the face type modification.


Moreover, it is effective to modify the hairline in such a way to fill the hairline and create a delicate facial features, and this matching skill is also worthy of attention.

Formula 3. Reflective fabric + solid color, personality wild

The solid’s hat is a hundred, but it will lack a certain sense. When you choose a hat, you can highlight personal charm by using different fabrics.


Like now very popular, there is a glossy leather or satin. These fabrics can be reflected, they look more bright, also full of noble, and solid color combination will appear to be more personal.

[2] Tweed skills introduction

Skill 1: Two sides have a thin face method – suitable for round face

When wearing a hat, the hair is critical. If the binding of hats and hats can give you a lot of temperament. It is recommended that you can


Modifications to the two sides, when wearing a hat, you can leave some broken numbers on both sides of the ear, and we can make a visual shadow, and make the face look smaller .

Tips 2: Exposure of the earlobe, the age of age is also refreshing – suitable for the face

In winter, most people wearing a hat is to keep warm, but the spring and summer season is more important to create a refreshing feeling.

So you are best to look out when wearing a hat, whether you are a short hair or long hair, you can don’t take your hair in the ear or a horsetail, showing your earrill.

Even if you are a circular face, you can also leave some broken hair in front of the ear, but the overall is still in the ear, so it will look more refreshing.

Tips 3: Tongzhao skills, color echo more harmonious

Hats and matching are there to be associated. When choosing a hat is worn, you can use the same color matching method to show a sense of coordination.


Black hat with black skirt, khaki hat with cards, it can make effective echo on color, making wearing more coordinated, visually meeting our pursuit of advanced feelings.

Third, the combination of hats and clothes

Elegant wind match: straw hat with fragile skirt

Hats and wearing rides are close, in spring and summer, wearing a hats in the wind, such as straw hats or Beret, more elegant, with a floral dress will also be gentle, romantic and elegant .


Leisure style:

If you want to wear a leisure, you can use some leisure flight when you choose a hat, and this wide hat below is more suitable for everyday. Simple and casual, large hat modified our facial features, from visual, it is also relatively small.

Different faces are suitable for different hats, the skills and ways to explain to everyone are suitable for most ordinary people, but how to choose the most suitable hat or you need your own try, try different cap types, can find faster more quickly hat.