Let people feel good! Girl summer ‘baby blue’ color system daily match recommendation, fresh and sweet


In this warm summer, the refreshing wear is in addition to the material from the single product, and can create a visual cool feeling through color options. Xiao Nan recently found that there is a very raw color of ‘Baby Blue’, relative to classic blue, baby blue color will be more light, giving people feel bright and not glaring, bringing a powder tender Freshness. Want to make your eyes, and don’t want to choose a brightly bright little fairy, the baby’s single product must not miss it! Xiao Nan is here to organize several formulas of the baby blue, and you are interested in seeing it.


Fresh sweet

Baby blue hue gives people feel very soft, suitable for creating a small fresh sweet shape, the easiest way is to choose a baby blue dress, a set of feelings. Want to shape more exquisite points can choose a lace with a lace, or a fluffy dress. You can also use some small accessories to add points to the shape, like the above figure, it is generally cheap and easy to use, and it is also the best in the baby blue. In addition to the single dress, the blue-white two-color single sheet can make you feel gentle sweet.


With the development of the times, our daily work style is no longer necessary, but the sense of beauty is still. At this time, we only need to add a suit jacket in the daily shape! The general suit jacket is black or big, and it will seem to be more sinking. The baby blue suit jacket is not the same as a bright feeling, a simple lining, a t-shirt, with a blue tune jeans, a casual and unfunctive daily work LOOK is completed, the rendering of clean and neat, soft baby blue is a hypervisible temperament.

3. Cute playful comfortable casual wind


When you use the shape of the wind, you may wish to add a tender baby blue single product to wear it, let your shape you can’t say cute and life. Choose a special design such as a lace big neckline, you need to match a refreshing shorts, you can wear cute and playful leisure. You can also use pink to with your baby blue. Even the simplest equation of T-shirt + wide pants can wear fresh and lovely feelings.

4. Minority can create


Suitable for the skin-wearing summer, the concave style is out of the door! Baby blue can be used to create a beautiful sexy style, but it is a slightly sloppy, it will not look very much. A short version of the lace is equipped with a row of a word skirt. The top is in the skirt. Point the waist line to increase the skin. Finally, there is a handsome boot, the whole shape is sweet and lost. Sexy. Or the square is also able to replace the knitting!



For salt, sweet baby, it is really a touching. In addition to the above matching style and wearing formula, there are still a lot of good-looking models waiting to discover, so don’t hesitate, just try your baby blue tune in this summer!