191cm Gao Giauang advantage is too obvious, wearing a wide shirt can also show long legs, full model


Although height does not play a decisive effect on the fashion effect, it can give the model, especially for men, tall and straight figure can make you instantly incorporated “hangers”, even an old-headed can create Model!

The 191cm Gao Gao is the case. The wearing items he chosen is often not outstanding, even generous, but with superior height as a blessing, easy to shape the advantages of the eye, put the basic items also wear fashion trend.

In the men’s clothing, the single item that is often loose will make the whole person look casually, if the temperament is not too close, sometimes it is inevitable to wear rustic. The 191cm Gao Gao is not general, easy to control the loose version of the casual shirt, and even wear the tangible effect of the long legs, the fashion effect of the presentation belongs to the eye.


First, the big shirt can also show your body, high waist wear a long leg

Under normal circumstances, the wide version tends to have a polar, and the effects that are presented will often cover the body lines. And Gao Weiguang uses a loose shirt show figure, with high waist wears a long leg, this fashionable ability is not good!

1 fresh color color is more elegant, create a clean teenager

Gao Weiguang chose fresh blue as the main tone, so that the whole person looks at the atmosphere and does not lose elegance, and it is very pleasant. Add blue-white splicing design in the shoulders to make the solid color matching and empty, but also make the shape look more unique and easy to create a sense of fashion.

2 stacking is not heavy, unlocking the button more breathable


The unique loose shirt with the boys and men’s hand makes a superimposed wear, so that the overall shape looks more level, and the match is also more rich. It is often widely widened to be a thick sensation when it is stacked, but Gao Weizu selects to solve the neck button, so that the breathable feeling of the overall shape is greatly increased, and the neck has a visual extension, thereby making new and generous.

3 high waist external toducement, half-plexation


Although Gao Wenguang looks very simple, the shape is also quite careful. He used the high waist wearing a way to highlight the size, with the slim version of the broken pants appeared to make the legs more difficult, easily creating a long leg effect.

Although it is a high waist, the treatment of Gao Weiguang is unique, and the loose clothing is half plug in the long pants, and the second half is free to place with sex, showing tall body, and it is not enough.


In addition to using the high waist to build a long legs, the high-long legs are both passage. Gao Wengui also chose to bring visual extensions with white trousers, and the long leg effect is more better. At the same time, the addition of small white shoes makes the overall temperament more new, and the overall matching makes a blue white adjustment and advanced.


Second, the basic single product is simple and hipster, just wearing it is very type

In fact, at more time, Gao Wei Guang’s wearing will not be so exquisite, and he is often extremely random, and the most common basic items in men are reflected in his dressing, but 191cm. The height but let him wear it.


1 Easy Hold live “old man”, fashion driving ability is not general

The bright blue T-shirt is called “old man”, which is too bright blue to make the overall shape look quite, but the average person can only wear rustic. And Gao Weiguang is easy to drive, slightly loosely t-shirt, and the burly body line can be seen, and the whole person is especially handsome.

And Gao Weiguang’s dressing is also quite random, pure black sportswear with high waist wear, let a pair of long legs. However, when the high waist wearing method is in a loose T-shirt and the sportswear combination, it will often pull down the temperament of the whole person, looks full, and there is no good figure without Great light. Don’t try it easily.


2 pure black color is not dull, the material distinguish between the material

And when Gao Weizu chose pure black color colors in the whole match, it is not a dull. Slightly loophable black T-shirts with tooling shorts, let the whole person looks full, and the addition of black canvas shoes adds a few more teenagers, and the overall shape is full.

Everyone often uses the classic match of white t-shirt and black shorts, which does make the shape look more level, and Gao Wenguang is shaped by the difference between the material, with a glossy trousers and Conventional T-shirt forms a contrast, easy to relieve dull monoculation, shaping simple and generous.


Can height make you look more advantage? Look at Gao Wenguang’s wear. The conventional version of the T-shirt with the combination of straight jeans must appear to be short and fat, but it is derived from Gao Wei Guang. The light color color of the thin effect makes him look more age, easily create a trendy sense of coolness.


Although Gao Weiguang often chooses a base single product to build a shape, the fashion feeling is really hard to be underestimated. He is extremely high-level, he wears a model, and more easily holds the ordinary people difficult to control the style. The high boy can learn his match, you can lead the fashion trend!


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