What are the advantages and disadvantages of the modal fabric? What is the difference between cotton?


What is Mogall?

Modal (Mu Due) belongs to the artificial fiber. It is more affinity to the human body. It usually does not stimulate the human skin to cause allergies. This artificial fiber is made after the shrub is made into a wood lamination. It is often used to produce A long sleeve, bra, etc. Let us solve this doubts together.

Number of modal fabrics

1. Mogur’s production and processing process does not cause pollution to the environment, which belongs to naturally polluting environmentally friendly fabrics.

2, Mogal fabric texture is soft and has excellent hygroscopicity, which makes Mo dealers to have a big shirt.

3, the fabric color is also very comfortable, whether orientation is not a natural fiber such as cotton and silk.

4, Modal is producing raw materials from wood, so the fabric is naturally degraded.

5, the modal fabric has a higher elasticity and toughness, the dry and wet strength is 35.6 cn and 25.6cn, so it can greatly reduce the phenomenon of breaking at the time of processing.

6, Modal has a good anti-wrinkle and free-free performance. It is very convenient to make the fabric daily. This is also one of the most popular reasons of modal fabrics, and more for underwear underwear and pajamas.

Disadvantages of Modal Fabric

1. Because of the extraction of the raw materials of Modal, the price of the fabric will be relatively high.

2, there may be fading in the sun after exposure, so Modal is not suitable for the production of garments such as outer clothes.

3, Modal’s excellent vastness, so the type of fabric does not force when washing, otherwise the fabric will appear in the case of deformation.


What is the difference between Moore and cotton?

1, Most’s sweat and breathable ability is better than cotton, the key is that it is not easy to start.

2, Mordal fabric is relatively simple, and the fabric layout is relatively flat. It does not have to be hot.

3, its upper drying rate is higher than that of cotton, full of color, and is not easy to have yellow or faded.

4, Mordale can be blended with other fibers as needed with cotton.