Ma Si is more and more tender! Wearing black sweater with pink lace bottom, there is a layer of level


Does the woman in love are zero? This is really not allowed. But most of the women in love, you will be full of styles! They have decommit them, choose the most suitable wear, and make their confident, charming side to show people. For example, Golden Majesty is pure. There is a color value, there are acting, and there is a good character, and the status of love is excellent. With the stylish shape, she is getting more and more tender in 30+.

Attendance, Ma Shui chose black short sweater, with a pink lace. The pink element has joined the pink element, and immediately makes the entire shape, and it is full of layers. Compatible with the refreshing high horsetail and the pink girl makeup, the whole shape is very bright. In essence, this dress contains many small cleansions about colors and wearing, which can effectively use our daily life. Today, Xiaobian will come to everyone a plate.


Black round neck



Leisure hundred but easy to flow in ordinary


Machi pure upper body is a pure black short round neck sweater. The round neck sweater itself has a strong street casual feel, put it on it gives a relaxed feeling. The black models selected by Ma Si pure, except for the casual feelings. Black sweater with other different items, you can wear many possibilities. That is, the black round neck sweater is also easy to flow in ordinary. From the color definition, black belongs to colorless, and pure black is often too dull. Therefore, how to use a good black round neck sweater to bring out your eyes, you need a little bit of mind.

Black Slim Pants: Highlights the advantages of long legs

As for the lower body, Ma Si purely using a pure black slim pants. Black belongs to a dark color, visually has a good slim effect, so black costume usually can be slim, modified. In addition, the black pants wearing this black trousers in Mach also have a slightly tailoring, a slightly hard-tight fabric, making it a more slender leg shape, highlighting the strength of the legs.

Black “Shun color match” color coordination is not violated, more high


In fact, the Match pure-fitting with “Shun color matching” skills. What is the color match? In short, it is to match only one color or the same color. Here Mas is purely using black to make a full body color match, uniform, simple, color matching, making a wonderful harmony, and there is no violation. More importantly, such a match can create the strength of the body from visually, which is more difficult for the entire person’s body line.

How to put “one black” fashion?


Personality superimposing level, injecting multiple style

As mentioned above, black belongs to a dark line, and if it is not easy to do, it is easy to give serious, dull feelings. At this time, some bright colors are needed to match black, weakened. And Ma Shui chose to overlay a pink lace high collar bottoming shirt. After the sweaters, they showed the pink lace neckline, and they were also vaguely visible to the pink dots. In this way, it is great to brighten the pure dark dullness, enhance the hierarchy of the overall wear. Not only that, the injection of the sweet element can be neutralized and black, and the fusion of the plurality-style style will become fashionable and personality, but also full of girls.


More sweaters fashion look ↓

Pink Oversized Sweater + Black Tight Pants + Feather Woven Pack


Match pure-fitting, using the Panasonic Close-up, the upper body is Oversized’s pink sweater, the lower body tight black trousers. Ma Si purely chooses sunglasses with the same color of the trousers and shoes, so that the feet become the extension line of the leg, increased and slim. The bag is a pink feather weaving bag, echoing with tops, coordinated, and integrally.

Red sweater + brown bag + light jeans

The red hooded sweater is home to the warm color, the bright and energetic, the light blue straight jeans blue, which belongs to the cool color, which makes people feel refreshing. The collision of the cold and warm tones is not abrupt, but it seems that there is a good youth, cute and Van, very eye-catching.

Green loose sweater + denim shorts + chain bag

The shape of Ma Si pure, the upper body is a loose version of the green sweater, the color saturation and brightness are relatively high. The lower body is put on the short version of the vintage blue jeans, showing the legs. Then with the green casual shoes from the feet, the whole wearing a blue green, which is fresh and lively. The black griller chain is made as an accessory, adding an elegance of a full set of women, playing the role of painting dragon.

Gray Oversized Sweater + Black Skirt

The upper gray Oversized sweater is a long section of a hood, and the lower body is mixed with a black pleated skirt. Walking up, the skirt is seating the wind, it seems to wear a “lower body disappearance” wearing a “lower body disappearance” to wear a recent female star. This wearing method is especially suitable for women with fiber-long legs, and the length of the legs is very good. At the same time, Ma Shui also chose black gold-matched handbags, making the entire styling cool.

I have seen the fashion styling of Musi pure, how do sisters get to how to use their own sweater? Let yourself be more bright? Hurry up with the sweater in the closet, borrow some small thinking make you more tender.