Spring wear jeans should not follow the wind, wide-legging pants are still less, try a more legal straight pants


When I arrived in spring, people who went out of trousers and single clothes will change much. Most people will pay more attention to the choice of trousers. It is difficult to make the effect of slimming, and choose a fashionable pants.

Skin and skin effect

It will become better. The touched pants, not only wide-leg pants, but also straight trousers. In spring wearing jeans, don’t follow the wind, the wide leg pants are still less, try to get more legal straight pants.

Pantry version

The design will be more simple.

Wear a wide leg pants with the wind



It is still not bloated, and the simple match is more trendy. Simple feelings will make people feel comfortable. If you can make a thin fashion feeling, you will look better.

Ordinary straight pants with long legs


Everyone can choose the style of the more legal length when choosing straight pants, and the effect of wearing will look more distinctive. And the length of the legs is better, as long as it is slightly longer than your ankle.


Straight pants

It is more than the long legs. Remember to match the high heels, this presented the legacy effect is more


The upper body can also match the short clothing, or put the clothes in the trousers, and look more advantageous. The reason for mixing with high heels is to do nothing in order to cover your own feet.

Bloated effect

. Such a matching method can be more able to eliminate your legs.

The way is also very simple, simple and conservative shirts

Match advanced temperament,

Moreover, it is possible to design more sexy clothing, and can also control this simple design straight trousers. This long pants leg design can also be placed slightly a little top, will not special

Short legs.

Slightly a little short straight pants

Slightly a little short length until the straight pants of the ankle is also comparable


Falling, but this pants are best matched to be very fluffy shoes, like sports shoes are not suitable, more suitable for matching

Canvas shoes and high heels

, Will not let the legs are stacked at the ankle, form some lazy embarrassing effect, high-level Van is not directly

Slow down the feelings


So in your own clothing is a high-level small wind costume, or


When you look at the shoes, don’t pile up your trousers. However, this bloated method, choosing a casual wind clothing and sports wind clothing, there is extra temperament.

Straight straight straight pants

Compared with the curved trousers, plus both sides of straight pants

A little bit

Design, then wear a very straightforward effect. If the fabric chooses to have a little hard, this straight feeling

More prominent



Everyone chooses some advanced clothing when they are mixed, choose this young and advanced denim straight pants quite fashionable, the skin is thin, so the upper body’s clothing can also be designed

Fluffy lazy.

Different matchs in style are also straight

One of the recommendations of the way. Because the design of straight pants looks at the special senior handsome, therefore the upper part is matched



The style, there will be a contradictory style, and the visual effect will look more temperament. Extreme senior sense, there is still a sprinkle

Get off


The effect, but unfortunately this kind of pants want to wear straight effects, the thighs can’t be too thick, not very suitable for people with chubby


Pull up the straight pants of pants

It is clear that it is very simple pants version, but because some small design is different, the visual effect of the whole pants will become completely different. For example, put the trousers of the straight pants, there will be one whole pants.

Hierarchical effect

Fruit, watching very cool, more handsome than broken caves.

Very easy and casual style, there is a contradictory in high-grade clothing, temperament will be more

Fashion fresh

. Of course, the shortcomings of this trousers are also more obvious, because the legs are divided, and there is no visual.

Ordinary straight pants

Look at the longer leg.

The upper body remembers to match the short clothing to wear a more practice. Itself

Foot design

Just let the straight pants look at a more casual and cool. Add a hole in the trousers or

Is a stitching design

The visual effect will be more fashionable.

Select this unique version when wearing a leather clothing or a sexy clothing

The charm of the whole clothing is more temperament, belongs to a styled style full of young. In fact,


When you have a slight aging costume, choose this trendy sense is very strong straight pants and can also adjust the temperament to achieve young effects.

The choice of multiple different colors is also very big for the temperament of straight pants.


Light blue

Jeans looks at a more retro, and the dark blue and blue blue, although it is very strong, it also looks more


The style of the overall clothing is not special retro.

I want to show more obvious charm, remember to match

Brown boots

Or slightly have some tandem, sweater, etc.

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Straight pants

Straight pants