Walk into the mountain city trails from the past, jujube second road trail (2) – travel road, school filial piety culture


The last article said that the Cixi Cultural Park in the jujube second roadway is the story of China’s twenty-four filial piety. So what kind of story, this article we come to share the Chinese traditional filial piety culture.

1, filial piety

The father of the Emperor, the mother of the Emperor, many times, I want to harm my father, but he still filial piety, love your brother, so filial piety touched the Emperor, and finally he was selected as the success of the emperor, and the father was Prince.

2, play colorful


During the Spring and Autumn Period, the Chu’s Hermit old Laizi filial piety, in order to make parents happy, 70 years old still wear five colorful clothes, holding a rig into a child.

3, deer milk

The scorpion during the Spring and Autumn Period, because the parents need to drink deer to treat eye diseases, he will use the deer clothing to mix the deer group and squeeze the deer. One mistake was as a prey, and the scorpion said the facts and finally saved the life.

4, hundred miles

Confucius’s proud door has a poor family in the early years. When the parents died, he was in a high official, although he enjoys a rich food, but he felt that he could not be a parent, and he could not piety.

5, get angry

When Zezi was young, when he went to Shankashi, he came to the mother, so he bite his fingers.


6, Lu Yi Shun mother

During the Spring and Autumn Period, Luoyu lost, often abused by steps, he could only wear the cotton coat made by reed. One day, when he was in a hurry, he fell out of the rope because of the cold tremble. So Luhua flew out from the broken clothes. After the father learned the truth, he went to his wife, but he was stopped, he would rather itself frozen. I don’t want to lose the stepmother, even the brother is frozen because there is no mother’s love, and the stepmother listens and regrets, regard him.

7, taste soup


Han Wenmili Liu Heng is named by benevoleum, and the mother is too late. It is not up to three years. The emperor is very eye-catching, and the clothes do not decline. He has to taste the medicine before letting your mother take it.

8, pickup

Han Cushun, very filial piety, when Wang Hao is chaotic, the mother and the child make up the hunger. He left the black mulberry to the mother, and he would eat red mulberry. Soldiers pity him a filial piety, gave him a white rice bouncing, and the boom.

9, buried


Han Guo Ju, because of the poor of the family, to save food in order to better serve the mother, he decided to bury his son, but suddenly found a golden gold in the digging, and his son was saved.

10, selling the funeral father


Dong Yong was burying his father, selling himself as a slave, and the road met a woman as a couple, the woman woven three hundred in the year, Dong Yongsheng. It turned out that she was the woman of the Emperor, sighed Dong Yong, filial, and helped Dong Yong also bond.


11, engraved


Han Dinglang, from the young doubt, because he missed his parents, the statue of the wood carved parents was present, and there was a born. Over time, his wife is no longer respectful. After she uses the needle, the wood is angry, and the hand is angry. The eyes contain tears, and Ding Lan knows his wife.


12, Yongquan Yue


The Eastern Han Dynasty ginger poetry wife, she often takes the Jiangshui, who will take her mother-in-law, and two people will often make a mother-in-law, and invite neighbors to work with their mother-in-law. At a certain day, Jiang Shi misunderstood the Pang Shi’s slow mother, and the Pang is still working hard, filial her mother-in-law. After the Pang’s is returned home, they are in the spring water, taste the river, and the day Yue Shuangyu, from now on, Pang Jians can do not have to walk away from the river.

13, 怀 怀 亲


During the three countries, the scientists were asked in the age of six, and he went to Yuan Shu when he was six years old. He hides two of the oranges given by Yuan Shu. The original land is intended to bring the oranges back to the mother. Yuan Shu saw that he was young but very filial piety, he was very surprised.

14, fan pillow temperature

Eastern Han Dynasty, the Eastern Han Duxing was lost, and the father was very filial to his father. The father was a cool pillow, and the father was warm and warm.

15, servants


The Eastern Han River leather is less than the father, and the mother is very filial. When the war, the mother escaped repeatedly, the thief saw Jiang leather filial piety, and he couldn’t bear to kill him. In order to support the mother to be a helper, he would rather be willing to meet the mother’s needs.

16, 泣 泣

When Wang Yu, Wang Hao in the Wei Dynasty, his mother was afraid of thunder. Every time he ran to the mountains, he told his mother not to be afraid before the mother’s grave.


17, crying bamboo shoots

Meng Zong during the three countries, because the mother’s illness needs to take fresh bamboo shoots, but when the winter, Meng Zong ran to the bamboo forest, hey, heavenly fell a filial piety, and suddenly born with tender bamboo shoots, and the mother could heal after taking.

18, lying ice and comes


Dong Jin Wang Xiang, the early years of being lost, the stepmother often speaks his bad things in front of his father, and his father will gradually do not like him. After the stepmother was sick, he wanted to eat a carp in winter. He casually tied to the clothes, and ice was melted and jumped out of two squid.

19, kick

Jin Yangxiang, four four years old, follow the father to the field to work, the father suddenly was taken by the tiger, in order to save his father, he hurts the throat of the tiger before yourself, the final father and son are escaping.

20, 恣 恣 恣 血


Jin Dynasty Wu Madi, the family is poor, there is no mosquito net, in order to let the parents sleep, he is sitting in the parents’ bed former mosquito bites and not drive.

21, taste the heart

Nanqi, the father, the father, he went to taste the father’s feces and worship the Beifu star in order to know the condition of the disease, and worship the Beifu, I hope that the father will die.

22, 姑 不


Mrs. Tang Shengshan Nanmeng Tang often uses her milk to serve the high-unhappy mother-in-law, and the mother-in-law is seriously convened, and the children will be filial to Mrs. Xiaoshang. Although Cui Shannan did a senior official, I would like to teach, very filial piety.


23, polyester

Although Huang Tingjian, Huang Tingjian, although it is expensive, but it is very filial to the mother, and every night will be filled with mystery.


24, abandonment


In the Song Dynasty, Zhu Shouchang. At the age of seven, the maternal was jealous of the mother, and the mother and child were not met in 50 years. After he was a master, he was looking for a mother, and he was determined to abandon the official and finally reunited.


It seems that some filial piety is already asleep, and this tells us that while inheriting filial piety, we must keep pace with the times, go to it, take its essence.

Then how long have you gone home to visit your parents, how long have you not brought your parents going out? At least now this action!