Stylish and warm children’s clothing plus velvet trousers, the production is particularly simple. I have to buy it more than going out.


Cooling, the child’s plus velvet trousers quickly made. As long as you can draw a crop, make special simple


I saw the weather forecast yesterday, and today is zero. Just hurry to give your child a thick dress, ready to wear the next day.

It’s really a good voice, I didn’t see the child’s long saw the short pants. It’s really like this, last year’s trousers are short.

Don’t say something else, the cloth is really not lacking. Hurry and find a plus velvet fabric and give your child a.

The light is not good at night, there is no photo. For pictures found online, let’s take a look at the style.


It seems to be a little fit to everyone, women’s trousers who share them yesterday. This is warm and warm.


Share a 110-yard cutting diagram.

Crawling the chart, the length is the waist, and can be sewn directly, the crimp sewing. You can also split the waist to make oblique bags

After separation of the waist, the quantity of the suture in front of the seam is added before, and 0.5 cm can be. Further seam. The sewing edge of this pants is sewing outward.


The complete tab is shown below. If the fabric is too thick, the waist can be replaced with other knitted fabrics. Or can be knitted

The cutting diagram of the other number type can be made to the following size table


Want to learn more children’s clothing and push plates, you can click on the circle card below to enter the circle for system learning.

(Add a circle card here, please see the headline client today)

Pants sewing process and craft solution


Selection of fabric, plus velvet fabric. No paintings, you can also make a cotton set.

Set of trousers in the set, I have sent videos in front, everyone needs to be turned over.

After painting the top cutting drawings, copy the tailor, and cut the edge.


Sewing process: Sewing pre-sewing diagonal bag

The sewing inside and outside before and after sewing. Sewing suture towards the edge of the foot. Made into two-purpose foot, can be rollful.

Finally sewing the waist, the backside built-in lens. The length of the leather can measure the child’s pure body waistline minus 4-6cm, and the tightness of the rubber band is specifically

The finished product is released! Is it easy to be simple? It’s really better than buying, or is customized.


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