Please wear a hat – Men’s Hood Vision Guide


When we deal with bad weather, one of the things we must do will wear a hat. Whether it is a summer baseball cap, or a cold-winning knit hat, your casual master is like a single product. In any case, in the recent decades, men’s accessories in the whole world have retired.


Whether you like retro wind, or just want to pick some, add a gift hat in the overall match is a perfect manifestation. Unable to determine the world outside? That look at our guidelines, you can understand many information.

Dome hat

At the end of the 19th century, Thomas and William Balle invented the dome cap invented in London. In the United States, it is also known as the Debi hat, Charlie Chaplin makes it famous.

Today, the dome-top hat will add a plain colors to your formal dress. If your face is comparable, we suggest that you choose a different hat, because the contour of this hat will be more discouraged with the horizontal chin.

Flat cap

The name of the flat cap is more than what we want – the most common of the most common hats, taxi drivers or drivers. The feature of the flat cap is a circular hat close to the head, the hat is short and hard. It is usually made of cold fabric such as wool, thick flowers and cotton.


This style is the upgraded version of the baseball cap, but it can still match your casual wear.


We recommend that you choose a hat with different fabrics of your coat – hysterer is not always a good thing. Want to look more fashionable, you can choose the same shape of suede or human graphic fabric. This small change is a long way.



Ascott hats look like a flat hat. However, the part of the Ascott is close to the head is not made of a soft fabric, but is made of a hard round felt material.

This style is very matched with casual clothing and formal clothing. If you are wearing a suit of a non-traditional fabric, or a rough flower or a plaid, you can consider adding an Ascott cap to add retro feelings.


Blower roll soft cap


The shallow soft cap may be the most famous hat on this list, but not always for the correct reason.


Soft cap is a hat with a hat with a lant on top. The biggest change in this style comes from its fabric and edges. This is a style that will be two-pole differentiated.


We want to be more fashionable than Dad, we recommend felt or wool. If you really want to wear a beautiful, let’s find a hatcale business head.


Just like most costumes, you can’t make mistakes on the texture and fitness of fabrics.



The flat-top grop hat is a kind of summer style, which is characterized by weaving straw, and the cap wide is round. It has the connotation of the Ivy Alliance, also the most iconic wear style of “the four-story” haircut store. Today, there is still this hat, or the horse racing.

Recently, it has become more popular, it is a more formal dress that makes the summer wear. But be careful, the hat of this broad-born is undoubtedly a bold declaration.


Felt hat


This top hat is similar to the soft cap in shape and fabric, but it is characterized by a narrow hat, and the top design is shorter. In the 1960s, as the driver cap, this style was very popular, when men were looking for a top-shallow hat to cope with the shortest problem of American car ceiling.


This style does not have much recovery – most people like soft caps.

However, if your face is relatively small, this hat may be suitable for you. Its narrow hat does not compress your appearance.

Pork format (laminated flat cap)

This top pork failed to make a variety of modes of today. The hat is made of straw and felt, the top of the cap is short, and the hat is narrow, it is related to Jazz and Blue Culture.

This hat is easy to pick up, and you can wear a felt in winter, wear a straw hat. If you match this style and the latest classic style, it won’t look too much.

Panama cap


Panama hats are a width straw hat. It sometimes takes the ribbon around the hat, which is from South America.

Try this style in the summer. It looks great when they look with light or linen suit or other summer style.

Holmburg felt cap (Hamburger Cap)


Holmburg felt hat is a formal hat, which has a jagged high hat and a wide hat. Compared to the gap, the well-known Hemburg felt hat is low, but it is in the past 20th century, but the popularity has declined in recent years.


This kind of hat is greater than the greater, the more suitable for bold shape, but this style will not be seen.

Top hat

If you have played “big rich”, you must be familiar with “Hat”. This classic hat is characterized by a high and flat cap and a wide hat. You may have seen it from Abraham Lincoln to Winston Churchill and other historical characters.

This may be the most gorgeous one in the hats listed here, and today they are more formal for most activities. Unless you have to participate in the royal wedding, we recommend replenishing this style to the board game.

Wear a hat

The shake hood seems to be a high-level fashion score. Indeed, if you do your confidence, you will get double rewards because of the correct reason.


Wearing a hat, such as a felt hat or flat cap, you can easily integrate into it. Once you are used to these, the bold style will not be so scary.