Good choice for family summa, from 839 million to 54,500, take you to Kayue


Good choice for family summa, from 839 million to 54,500, fuel consumption is as low as 4.7L


For most home users, the most important purpose to buy a car is daily step, so when choosing a model, the reliability and quality of a car will be the focus of consumers, if your budget is not high, and Want to buy a family of fiscal and durable families, you may wish to see Buick Excelle, this car currently has a certain discount, and the cost performance is not low.


Buick Excelle is also entered with the times. The front face has adopted the family’s latest design style. The large-sized air grille looks very identified, and the internal structure is also very stylish. The surrounded design is more three-dimensional, there are many black ornaments for decoration, further improve the texture of the front face, the shape of the headlight set is a prismatic angle, and the halogen source is equipped inside, and there is also a good lighting effect after opening. It is worth mentioning that this car is also equipped with a highlight of the headlights and the closure of the large lamp delay, practicality and convenience have further strengthened.

Buick Excelle is 4468 × 1765 × 1469 mm, the wheelbase is 2611 mm, and such data is also a good competitive advantage in the same level. Sitting into the car will not have obvious sense of compression, and from On the side, the line design of this car is relatively smooth. Although there is no complex layout, the overall visual effect is still very resistant, the shape of the hub is also moving, the overall design of the side is slightly compact, and the tuning duck The tail further improves the sense of motion, and the shape of the taillights is also very delicate, and it is very high after opening.

The whole design of Buick Excelle is also more fashionable. Although many hard plastic materials have been used in the car, the hand feels hard, but the chrome-plated ornamental embellishment is to a certain extent, which makes up for the shortcomings of the material, further enhance the car The inner grade, the high-equipped model is equipped with a 7-inch touch LCD screen, the resolution is still very high, and the operation is easy to get started, the steering wheel uses plastic materials, the high-equipped model is also equipped with multi-function buttons, further improve driving The convenience, while in other configurations, this car is also equipped with engine start-stop technology, uphill assist, electric window, outer rear view mirror electric adjustment, vehicle PM2.5 filtration device, etc.


Finally, in terms of power, Buick Excelle is equipped with 1.3L naturally inhale engine, maximum power 107 hp, peak torque 133 Nm, transmission, 5 blocking manual transmission and CVT-free gearbox, the overall driving experience is mainly based on smoothness , Daily driving will not have too much pressure, and the integrated fuel consumption can be as low as 4.7 liters.