The boys ski will be turned over in front of the girl, netizens: I can’t care, love.


Ma Da Ski, silhouette silk

November 6th

Hohhot, Inner Mongolia

College students in a college

Sitting on the Ski Skiing after the snow

Causing attention

A classmate is sitting in Maza

In addition, two students held their hands.

Running in the snow


Silky snow

According to Wu Tongxue

“At the time, the first snow

Looking very excited “

Netizen: “I also want to feel this happiness”

Skating “rollover” encountered “love”

December 24th

Among the school in Jinan, Shandong

A boys slopes “turn”

Introduction to the party Wang classmates

“At the time, I had a few friends in my skating.

Because Ice is too slippery

I didn’t want to turn over a few fingers.

Then it happened to be recorded by my classmates.

Finally, I went to the face of the girl.

Netizen: “The moment is not enough to say it”

Happy Ski Edition “Domino”

On a bridge at Shihezi University

Covered a layer of snow

Passing classmates

The column slipped down from the bridge.

There are also a few students to run through a short-range

Slide down in the slope

Qingyang in Gansu

After the college campus is snowing

Students have fun with skiing

Scene is lively

The students have rolled out Long Long.

Under the leadership of the leading classmates

Later students work together

Slide in the snow

November 4th


A college students lined up to play ski


4 people, 5 people, 6 people

Classmates are grouped

Slide down on the slope


Netizen: “Really, this snow … I envy”

Ski in our childhood

Leave a lot of beautiful memories

Front energy

Let’s take a look

Skiing in campus!

The playground piled up the mini ski resort

December 7th

Hulunbeier in Inner Mongolia

A man shovel shovel in the stadium


Pile up video of snowy skiing


According to the ski team instructor

“Because the players need skiing


The snow field is closed


Can’t go on the snow field


So we have a honesty

Decided on our track and field

I have built a mini venue yourself.

Can usually train

The snow road is almost 3 days.

It is pure artificial one and a hoe.

Ski community class

Xinjiang Changji Ashi Township Center

Featured Association – Ski


Such extracurricular activities

Not only let students get exercise from small

Can also enhance the ski skills of students

Let the students have fun and happiness

Netizen: “Winter holiday is arranged for children”

Double board skiing

December 21

Tonghua in Jilin

A classmate wants to come to travel

He put on the snowboard

Free shuttle in the snow

I attracted the envy of other students.

Sliding slate experience snowy day

April 15th


Student campus sliding board experience snow day

According to video photographers

“We Hulunbeier College

School of Physical Education

Seize this big snow opportunity

Marking skiing in the campus

very interesting”

Single board cool ski

November 8th

Shenyang, Liaoning

A classmate

Snowway piled up on the stairs

Put on a single board ski


Handsome air turn

Causing the envy of many netizens


Not only can you get your students?



You can also exercise and improve

Sports skills of students

For classmates

Source: Communist Youth League

November 6th

Scene is lively