Sexy male jungle patent! Spring running pants, this most worthy


Spring run.

The wind in March is still somewhat hustle, and our outstoolery, we need to pay attention.

After all, we will wear too little, the body temperature falls too fast, it is easy to catch a cold.

Improving too much will bind myself, affect the effect of running and experience.


Although our legs have been in motion during running, the legs are the most vulnerable parts of the spring running, sometimes even 10 kilometers, the knees are still cold.

Therefore, it is considered that the winter has passed, you can start the idea of ​​running shorts, you can get it early.

This article is recommended today

High-elastic speed dry sports trousers

It can warm and good sweat sweat.

Allow you to run, there are flowers and fragrances on the road.

Leego lens high-elastic speed dry sports trousers

High-elastic comfort!

It is implicit!

Limited time special 88 yuan / article

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– 01

Polyester fiber fabric

Cry breath, high-tech comfort

Although the sports trousers are well

But for fear of hot stars

Trousers are disaster

Thick and heavy

Wear is the same as a small stove

However, this sports pants


Touch cool

Look at it

It’s really cool to wear it.



The fabric used is

92% polyester fiber


8% spandex

From everyday wearing running experience

Its fabric is soft and relaxed, and the elasticity is particularly good.

Very breathable


Not easy to fade is not easy to start

Still very hard wear-resistant

You can provide stable support for your legs when you run.

It’s just to create a high-intensity sports.


Loose version does not close to the skin

I stick to my body

Not only that!

It also has powerful humidification

Friends who love sports are knowing

The importance of sweating breathable sportswear in sports

Whether it is hot summer


Still cold winter

As long as exercise will sweat


This sports trousers have a good

Moisture absorption, perspiration and gas permeability

That is, if you use water, go straight

You can see the droplets quickly penetrate through the pants.

With super strong perspiration

When using a steam test

You can also see steam to quickly spread through the fabric.

Breathable first level!

Even if you sweat, you can quickly spread!



Comparative fiber fabric

3-5 times higher

Wearing there is a feeling of solding!

Especially when exercise


Light breathable

Powerful sweat resistance makes the wearing adaptability is stronger

Even if you are full of sweat, there will be no feeling!

Stay away from sweating

Stereo moisture breathable, refreshing, not afraid

Let you enjoy your sports!

– 02 – 02 –

Detail is full

丨 舒 利 利 落, 如 如 如 如 如 如 如

In addition to the fabric, the version is good

The details of this sports pants are also very rich

Wearing dirty and dirty

Enhance the overall quality and soft breathable.

S code

Weigh 311g

Even the weight of a pound

Wearing experience

Let’s take a look at the other details of this sports trousers.

Pants use

Interlaced pocket design

Make pants more stereo

Everyday wear, even if you put on your phone, your keys, etc.

The whole pants will not be deformable


Adjustable elastic waist

Squeezing design


Can be adjusted according to your own circumference

Elastic is very good!



Double nylon jacquard tight design

Adjustable size

Sports more comfortable

Clean and neat

Senior feelings are undoubtedly


Loose straight design



Not dragging

Not tight

More comfortable than the beam design

The side of the trousers do


Practical oblique pocket

Subjects can be installed, keys, etc.

Liberate your hands!

– 03 – 03 –

Health printing

丨 safe and harmless, size is complete

This sports trousers are not valued.


Quality also has a test

Healthy and active printing and dyeing, healthy environmental protection

After multiple water washing test

Can’t fade at all!

Size is also very complete

S-XXL has

Color word

There is black, Tibetan blue color optional

Such a set

Color value, functionality, high quality

One of the treasure sports trousers

Today is also cost-effective explosion!


Original price of 188 yuan

Now click on the picture below


Reduce 100 yuan!

Only need



8 yuan!

Slow, slow, fast grab!

Leego lens high-elastic speed dry sports trousers

Leego lens high-elastic speed dry sports trousers

High-elastic comfort!

It is implicit!

Limited time special 88 yuan / article


/ Seven days no reason to return goods factory direct genuine protection /