Wearing a high collar sweater, any man can change my god


The fan says: Exquisite pig boys will wear high collar ~


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Recently, Zhou Xun took a set of groups with Chen Kun. The two people walked up “sexual cold” wind, Qi Qi to change the black high collar shirt, and the senior sense reveals a bit of serious ~

Speaking of black high collar, how can I not mention Jobs? Black high collar with jeans, sports shoes, deep into the heart and become a classic “Jobs style”, often followed by many people ~

Moreover, in many film and television dramas, the male pigs will replace the black high collar, shaping many mysterious and unforgettable characters, such as 007, “life and death” Roger Moore, etc. …

So, what is it from the high collar sweater?


It is said that the first high-neck sweater is approximately from 13 to 15 centuries. Its high functionality can protect the good-war men, resist damage caused by various armor, so it is originally part of Men’s clothing.

And because of the warmth of the high-necked sweaters, many outdoor workers can help sailors to block sea breeze … until the 19th century, high-neck sweaters have been taken by the ladies …

Today, in the cold autumn and winter season, high-neck sweaters are not only one of men’s warmth, but it is still an indispensable wild fashion single product, which has been popular in these years …

Some time ago, on the publicity activities of the movie “No Asked the West”. Huang Xiaoming wears a black high collar, with light-color loose version of the square windbreaker, simple and casual ~

When Huo Jianhua took the face of the fashion magazine, Huo Jianhua was more fresh, light, lightly (old cadres’ face) …

So how can I wear it better? Fan Friends moved well in the small bench.


—– Wear high collar sweater 分 —–

♕ Color should be proper

▷ 经 经 经 经

The high collar sweater needs to be very particular in the selection of colors. Usually, solid color is easier to control. For insurance, men’s most common choice is also the most easy to match, black, gray brown and other dark lines ~

Black high collar sweater is one of the most inconsistent characters, not only exclusive “old bacon”, many fresh meat is also easy to control. Put the black in the black in the jacket and make the bottom, the contrast color is not very old ~


If it is tired of black, it can also change the taste. For example, like David Gandy, choose the brown line, with dark coffee colored leather, hard-saving, walk from the road to have a “hegemony president”.

Or just like a small sugar, choose to wear a gray high-tie, bright gentle, and look more Wen Wenya …

Skin color white choice light color


The darkness is not easy to make mistakes, and the light-colored system such as camel, the khaki is difficult to hold, and it is more suitable for men with fair skin ~


If there is a skin color, but don’t like the brunette male Fi friends, you can try to wear a warm beige or white high-neck sweater, with a dark jacket, distressed color, and a warm ocean ~

If you feel that the white is too popular, I don’t want to go to usually experience the fresh male Fang Friends. You can also try a more dynamic bright colors like a small meat.

♕ ♕ ♕ 出 出 出


▷ 高 领 衣 + suits

Today, high-neck sweaters have also become one of many business people. It can replace the shirt should be in various business situations. Wear the high collar sweater in the suit is used as the inner, both fashionable and warm ~


For example, a dark high-end collar of the male and business men prefer, as the inner, can match the co-color suits, this matching method is conserved, very texture ~

Or can wear the underwear outer coat into a contrast color system, such as selecting a jacket with a large color or color difference, the upper body effect will be fashionable, and it also makes itself more affinity …

▷ 高 领 衣 + coat

In addition to mixing a suit, another temperamental warm matching method is, high collar sweater + different styles, it is more highlighting the gas field ~


The high collar sweater can match the double-breasted slim coat, the lapel design, completely show the sweater collar, and the thick body is more temperament, and the whole shape looks more and more, and it is very strong ~

When the street shooting, wearing a high-tee sweater, with a light gray single row coat, the inside and outside color contrast, simple style is simple, it doesn’t look very deep ~


▷ high collar sweater + shirt

Usually only one high collar sweater, it will be monotonous, to look more fashionable, if you dress more, you can try the matching method of layered superimposed ~


For example, add some short-collar sweaters, take a light-colored lapel shirt in the sweater, the neckline is a little shirt, the fashion is the most fashion ~


Of course, I want to play more different. In addition to the inside shirt, it is also possible to wear out of the shirt. I avoid only one shirt will be very cold, but also let the high collar sweater no longer “boring” ~

Many fresh meat stars, often with high-tee of high-collar sweater, walk out of the street OR block ~

♕ ♕ 式 精 精 细 细


How to choose the collar


The high collar sweater is really warm and fashionable, but it is an inevitable mine area. Because high collar sweaters are close to the neck and chin, it will make people visually appear short. Therefore, the face is slightly large, and Fang Friends with short necks try to avoid deep collar to wear dark.


Like the male master in Korean drama, try 3-5CM long “half-high collar sweater”, although the warmth is a bit weak, but will not appear bloated, and will not enlarge your face ~

If you don’t like the supered sweater, you can also choose the zipper style, you won’t look tall, reveal a little skin, keep warm and leisure ~

How to choose a thick knit

The collar sweater is mainly divided into thick lines and fine knitted, thick lines, more home casual fashion, thin wire more business official ~

Fang Fang, a well-known Fang, you can try to finely knit, suitable for work such as some columns. And it is easy to stay in a suit or coat.

And the face is more round, you can choose a thick knitted sweater, not only more bridge, not to make your face look more exaggerated, slightly warm men’s Feel ~

Like singer Li Jian, I have chosen a loose high collar sweater in a thick stick, revealing the neck, relax and comfortable, and effectively avoiding the shortness of the neck ~

The high collar sweater compares the thick rods, in addition to single wear, you can also match the eagle or vest, and the casual jacket walking ~


How to get together

▷ scarf & handbag

Simpleholders are high-spirited, lack of patterned embellishment, but also boring. In order to more eye-catching, you can use some small equipment to reflect higher taste ~

For example, the embellishment of a bright color scarf can increase the level of layering. This dress can not only be more brightened, but also downgrade in autumn and winter, show the fashion charm of the male.

In addition to scarves, there are some baubles to help lift the gas field. For example, with a pair of sunglasses, take a handbag or comb, these are all kinds of points that make ourselves.

What is the brand worth trying to have a brand after wearing a high-necked sweater?


In addition to the classics of the windbreaker, the Burberry’s woolen sweater has always been a sorbent powder.


This year’s high-necked bottoming shirt mainly with zipper, the inner shirt or round neck can be made. The upper body is slim, there is a classic lattice sign at the elbow, it is very suitable for business straight men, less than 5,000 yuan can take it ~

If you don’t like the fine line style, wool cashmere blend high collar sweater Fan Friends can try it ~ loose version + thick rod knit, very suitable for young BOYS ~ high price, about 7,000 yuan ~

▷ Loro Piana:


Loro Piana, a top luxury brand, founded in 1924, is the old big brother.

Putin’s handmade sports pants worth $ 1,425, from Loro Piana, made from cashmere and silk materials ~

The men’s men’s men’s men’s high-spirited sweaters are fine, and the bottom cashmere of Hircus small goats from Mongolia and the northern mountainous area of ​​China. Therefore, it is soft and soft ~


The high collar of their home is rich, and the color selectivity is more selective. There is a classic set of high collar, the average price is around 10,000 yuan.

Among them, the low high-tie is mainly zipped, even if there is no exquisite small face and the long neck, it is entirely controlled.


In addition, there is a better removable fur collar high-torn sweater. Different colors of different colors are suitable for all kinds of leisure casinos. However, the price is also “tall”, about 20,000 soft girls ~


▷ brunello cucinelli:

Italian luxury brand Brunello Cucinelli, is known as a low-key luxury “King of Cashmere”. Their family’s sweaters are soft and skin, fine workmanship, hand-made cashmere, manual sewing.


Brunello Cucinelli’s sweater is dominated by a circular neck, and the simple generic. Its high collar sweaters, mainly in the middle and low high collar, the price is high ~


For example, this double-breasted high-collar hair sweater (Right), selling price of nearly 10,000 yuan, the ocean gunbox gray, the metal button, the tight lock, with a light pants very type.


Second, this nearly 10,000 yuan of lightweight cashmere tie, fresh and elegant grape purple, close to the flour of 2018, electric purple ~

▷ PRINGLE OF Scoland:


Pringle of Scoland is from Scotland, usually referred to as “Pringle”. Its clothing adheres to the use of luxurious, skin-friendly materials, and the style is mainly fundamental.

Men’s high-end collar of Majestic Files is more business, suitable for dressing with suit. Its color is mainly cold tones, like black and white ash, etc. … The price is also fair, and you can get around the RMB left and right.

There is also a slightly higher price, average price of about 2500 yuan, a high-necked sweater. These high collar places are made of hundreds percent of pure wool, hand-made, fine workmanship and warm ~

Not only is simple and solid, but also twisted, the full-frame chain can also be used as a coat ~


▷ Ordos (Erdos):

As a Chinese clothing landmark brand, Erdos has a lot of fans with good quality and elegant and simple style, and the fan has bought a Erdos cashmere dress, very comfortable and warm ~


Erdos’s men’s high-tee sweater is suitable for business elites, 100% cashmere, comfortable and warm. The buckles at the neck can also play the role of painting dragon, and will not be too tumbling ~

Solid high collar can be matched with the same color system, suitable for work, etc.

In addition, Erdos is also a high collar, with a more foreign 气 with casual pants ~


—- I am dividing line —-


Ok, I hope this winter, Fan Friends can choose a high-end sweater that suits you, wear your own style ~

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