Working people’s daily necessities wear, where is your PICK?


A good boy, I can’t help but look at a few eyes on the road. For most players, it is not easy to get up early to go to work, and it is necessary to take care of fashion. Today, Xiaobian summarizes the exclusive “worker” 3 sets of work, hurry together!


1. Striped Trees + Black Pants + Hundreds of small white shoes

Although everyone has already holiday, everyday wear, we want to have fashionable, focusing on highlighting its skin. The version of the fit is combined with a happiness, but also a must-have condition for handsome men. It is recommended that you choose this gradient knit sweater, whether it is in the cold winter, it is a cool spring! Pants are simple with black trousers, and it is full of profits, and is welcomed by many men!


2. Black thin cotton clothes + black sweater + white casual pants


The black and white combination is very resistant to watching the worker. The thin cotton clothing is a warm and fashionable, and its version uses flight jackets, collar adds to V-neck design, and is very slim after the upper body. Whether it matches black or white trousers, it is a very fashionable combination.

3. Tibetan blue striped V tie + black jeans + white version

Universal hundreds of thousands of golden reservoirs, color, wear, don’t worry! Integrate into stripe elements, simple and full of levels. Simple with black jeans, down and down, simple and good!