Don’t stare at the red wing, this “Martin Boot” brand you deserve to have



I want to set up the “equipment” of autumn and winter early, and there are many small partners to ask for the boots.

A small partner who is familiar with the leaves should also know that I am a boot control. I have a lot in the past two or three months. In order not to let everyone hit the boots, especially the nime.

Many friends can be “loured” every time I say the small boots.

Well, say good, I still choose a red wing, I still choose a large yellow boots, I still choose Martin boots … ····

In fact, it is not unfortunate, although the mass of the public is not too unique, but in the end, it is known that the “risk” will be smaller than the small brand, like the Martin boots that are generally accepted. One pair and change the other pair, handsome is safe.


▲ Dr. Martens


For Martin boots, the small friends are naturally known, whether it is a simple aperture height, or more in-depth process connotation.

However, the leaves want to ask,

“Martin boots” really only Dr. Martens can be selected?


The answer is definitely not, because there is still a lot in a treasure. ·····

just kidding.

As we all know, only Dr. Martens is the real Martin boots. In addition, the online other is almost secretly touched fake.

Of course, almost do not mean all, there is still a brand in the world that can be the same as Dr. Martens, and the light is producing its own “Martin Boots”, which is Solovair.

▲ Solovair

How, is like?

Solovair is attributable to the footwear brand of NPS, the famous British Footwear NPS. This shoe factory with brilliant shoes is from the world famous shoes Holy Land – North Apower, which was established in 1881 and began to make the British government to produce military boots.


If there is no NPS, maybe we can’t see such a classic Martin boots now.


Everyone knows the history of “Martin Boots”. When the source is a German doctor called Dr. Klaus Maertens, when the aircraft tire is added to the air cushion, the world’s first double belt is designed. Side shoes.

Later, this doctor sold this design to a British called R.Griggs. In 1959, in order to expand its production, R.Griggs turned on NPS.

Only one year after 1960, the most standardized boots in history, 8 wells, 1460 Martin boots, was born from NPS, laid the legend of Dr. Martens.


▲ Dr. Martens 1460


However, as one of the most famous shoe factories in Bei’an, the NPS accumulated in the manufacturing technology of the long army boots can give Dr. Martens, and there is not only one pair of 1460.


The most famous shoe process of NPS is “solid”, but because Dr. Martens joins the air cushion structure, it also improves it, and then bonds the air cushion directly after the upper and the inner bottom sewing. Then use the metal heat sealing process with the Z-type stickers, sewing the body with all the soles, distinguishably in normal solid transformation, which ensures that Dr. Martens is more durable.

Among them, yellow suture has become a classic impression of all models of Martin boots (shoes).

Because I got the authorization of R.Griggs, NPS is completely the official shoe factory of Dr. Martens prior to 1995. After 1995, because Dr. Martens’s structural adjustment, the two sides concluded that the current Martin boots were more in China and Thailand.


NPS also developed its own footwear brand


Production of its own “Martin Boots”, but the brand is directly renamed in the open-style tape.


Derby boots

(Debi boots).


It should be noted here that many people say that Martin boots after 2003 have not made Britain.

In fact, NPS and Dr. Martens do not completely terminate cooperation.

Familiar with Dr. Martens will definitely know that it also has a branch line of “Made In England”, and the branch of this branch is produced by NPS, and some of the joint style of Dr. Martens is also from the factory.

Just in China, talking about “Martin Boots”, no one knows that NPS (Solovair), a lot of relatively small people.


Maybe you will feel that it is almost the same, and it is not necessary to know.

But the fact is that Solovair seems to be consistent with Dr. Martens, and there is much more detail differences in facts.


Differences between Solovair and Dr. Martens

Solovair’s “Martin Boot” is very simple. It is not similar to the “146x” model like Dr. Martens, but how many holes are distinguished, and the most famous is also 8 wells of Derby Boots.

There is also 6 holes with 11 holes.


▲ Solovair 8 hole Derby Boots

It should be noted that we can’t treat Solovair as a “upgrade version” Martin boots, both have a characteristic, even Dr. Martens price will be a little more expensive.

The most obvious difference between the two is the lamination of the laminated line and the LOGO rings.

Top, Dr. Martens is yellow, Solovair’s boots also have a yellow line, but sometimes it will also add gray green suture. At the same time, Solovair’s suture is relatively rely on the suture of the upper.

Second, the leaves feel that the difference in their true sense is still on the rubber sole.

It can be seen that Solovair translucent rubber soles can make you observe the air cushion inside, the thickness of the outer floor is dense, this is a brand-specific anti-oil slip air cushion sole, the title is “

The most anti-slip rubber in the world

“, With excellent anti-slip corrosion resistance.


And Solovair’s soles are stitched along the strip, still sticking to the traditional process and is done by handmade. Therefore, Solovair should be more better in the contrast of the sole part.

▲ on: Solovair, below: DR. Martens

In addition, the difference in the contour of the shoe type is a key factor in which the two style is different.


Solovair’s shoe is more harmonious, and the medium is clear, that is, the line transition of the shoes waist is significantly curved, and the contour is stronger.

▲ Left: Solovair (8 holes), right: DR. Martens (1460)

In terms of style, we can understand Solovair into the “retro series” of Dr. Martens. The overall temperament should be much restrained, and there is not much thick feelings, and the style is more english.

In terms of various aspects, whether it is the degree of process or cost performance, Solovair is a good entry-level boot brand, and we don’t have to stay in “Martin Boots” on behalf of the Processing.

In addition to Derby Boots, there is still a lot of boots worth having to pay attention to.

In addition to “Martin Boots”, what else Solovair is?

Anyway, anything can be called Martin boots, it is not very good, if you take the painful grinding process, then let’s take a look at Solovair

Monkey Boots

It is also one of the brand iconic boots.

Monkey Boots is also the “short face” that everyone says, the gauges extend to the shoes toe, showing a small “head”, a little ugly handsome.

But different from the short face of other brands, Solovair is the same as the desert boots, mostly the 7-hole boots of the ankle, the boots are more trimmed, and there is a distinct lacular change in the boots to the boots, very smooth and elegant, complete Unlike other short-face boots, it is necessary to refine.


BLoke carving boots



Although the BLoke carving is not a formal use in the leather shoes, this element can be placed in the boots, but there will be a taste of an abnormal mature, and the old feelings will cover the handsome, this is why there is very little young. People are willing to try the reasons for Bourke carving boots.


This is not too worried in Solovair.


The brand also added a non-slip air cushion in the carved boots, and the translucent rubber material can be in more than a stronger texture with the carving, but also a good and carved boots. It can also play a little bit of elegant street feeling very well.


The end is a small part of


Carved flower


Compared with ordinary official Derby shoes, Solovair’s de Bibin is born with a rubber thick, coupled with many round heads, it seems to be a bit stupid, not exquisite.

From another level, this “disadvantage” makes it a sufficient retro feeling. If you want to choose a double non-confury, it is a good choice for Solovair’s derby.