Elegant and exquisite, low-key fashion, fetal cattle waxed men’s bag appreciation


The fetal leather comes from the medical extract of hemes, and the resources are rare and precious. The fetal kraft pores are meticulous, and there is no all kinds of disability and leather-skinned, exquisite and elegant and low-key.


The wax fetal leather has strengthened the fill of the leather in the process, and the surface is flat and meticulous, plus surface wax, forms moisturizing and protecting the surface, and improving the wear resistant and scratching performance. The fetal cowhide itself is flawed and the disability needs to cover, so it does not need to cover the painting, and the real preservation of the flat appearance of the fetal cattle.


Fetal leather

The men’s bag filmed combined with hand-woven processes, hand-knitted to improve the surface monotonous feelings under the premise of maintaining overall low-key, integrating the soul of traditional manual skills, expressing tribute to traditional art. And hand-woven is more extravagant, and it is necessary to use multiple epitheliums more than normal. The most typical knitting process is the use of the brand is the luxury brand of Italy. It is a wide circulating statement in the fashion world: when you don’t know what to express your own trendy attitude, you can choose LV, but when you don’t When you need to use what to express your own trendy attitude, you can choose BV. The Directone’s Signatureful Weaving Process and He have no logo design to make the fashion aesthetics. Although it is not BV, it also uses similar processes and designs, even with more extreme fabrics, in the same life attitude.


Woven belt

Woven shoes

Woven skin backpack

As a person who engaged in the leather industry, it has been the ultimate quality of the skin’s own quality. This kind of good quality of the material itself has always made me more recognized. Therefore, when you come into contact with this style of bag in your friend’s factory, you will completely lose the resistance in front of the extremely perfect leather and hand-knitted life. This is not, a breath from the chest bag, the Messenger bag to the postman bag each took one. But fortunately, after all, is the industry, how much can make an internal price, or it is really going to bankrupt.

Good things need to share with everyone, the camera that turns out of the box, presented it in front of everyone.

Fetal cattle wax woven leather line difference, low-key is not dull, style classic, delicate and elegant

Fetal cattle waxes, skin care is meticulous


Fetal cattle wax woven skin men’s chest bag, elegant, fashion and practical


The back side is designed with a breathable mesh design, carrying comfort, can carry long-term carrying, gun color hardware, exquisite and elegant


Positive side skin close-up, texture


Can be worn around, add flexibility


Fetal cattle wax woven skin men’s oblique back bag front, embellish flat skin, elegant is not monotonous

Fetal cattle wax weaving Messenger bag back, large area weaving process, luxury materials, pursuit of ultimate