Unbearable weight: In addition to life, there are school students’ bags


2021 summer vacation, destined to make countless parents difficult to say – the lessons are canceled, and the opening day is far from the day. One side is worried about the rebound epidemic, and I hope “Wan Beasts” is expected.

“Double Reduce” is the hottest topic in this summer parents. From the extracurricular returns, no matter how to reduce the burden, the weight of the child’s school bag, always like the “holding stock price” of the parents during the day of the day, only rose. After the holidays of “soldiers and horses”, they will be ready to start school, and the child’s book is compiled into a “scales” in the parents.

# 01

The schoolboy’s school bag, how is it?

At 7:10 in the morning, Zhang Hui has to send the 8-year-old daughter to go to school. He picked his daughter’s pink book bag, and it was particularly uncomfortable. On the one hand, the bag adapts to the child’s slim, the shoulder strap is particularly tight, and the adult is not able to mention it. On the other hand, the bag is still relatively heavy. Inside the main point of items, like a treasure chest. Sometimes, on the music class or art class, you have to bring your own organ, watercolor pen, album and hand.


Zhang Hui’s daughter is 8 years old, 130 cm high, weighing 25 kilograms. Carrying such a heavy bag, walking on the road, hooking back, swaying. He looked at it, so he was holding himself. Winter is cold, the bag of the bag is more uncomfortable. But the child did not maintain a good gesture, and the weight should be bent on the waist. He also reminds the child along the way to walk straight to the waist, don’t “eight characters”, it is active.


△ The child’s bag is too sinking, the parents are inevitable “generation”


Before and after school every year, the topic of the # parent should not have the child’s backpack # will be stirred into a hot. The opponents are suffering from the children’s backpacks, they can’t cultivate independence; agers people smile: You are all right, but so heavy bags, you will try it back? The schoolboy’s school bag, how is it?


I personally consulted a few families with “God of Beast”. I took a second-grade elementary school student’s bag, which was more than the imagination. I called the scales with a hand scale, actually up to 12 pounds! And this little girl weight is more than 50 pounds. This is still nothing, the primary school students in the class weigh less than 60 pounds, and the book bag is 20 pounds. The weight is actually a one-third of weight, which is equivalent to the proportion of 5 kilometers of military personnel. And this is not an example, it is a universal phenomenon.

△ Tuning to develop the items in children’s books more diverse, but most of them are daily learning products. The top three of the textbooks / exercises, accounting for 95%, pencil box / pencil, accounting for 86%, water cup, accounting for 76%


Why is the school student’s bag so sinking? What is installed in the bag? After I got the child’s consent, I opened the bag, there were more than ten books, stationery boxes, brushes, ink, rice paper, skipping, etc., and “external equipment” – kettle and lunch box. The weight is derived from the book, and each subject has a supporting exercise; on the other hand, it comes from a variety of “quality” courses: painting, sports, manual, scientific and small experiments. In addition, many public schools have no separate lockers, schools are neat, not allowed to stay too much on the seat, and children can only carry every day. These situations constitute the “unbearable weight” of the primary school bags, far beyond the imagination of 80, 90.

# 02

Small age “burden on shoulders”

What kind of consequence will it cause?

In the past 20 years, cervical spondylosis is getting lower and lower, and youth “scoliosis” often rush. “National Health Concerns Big Data” showed that the cervical spondylosis has entered the list. A survey in China has expanding 2000 patients with cervical spondylosis show that adolescents and office workers have a sharp increase in cervical spondylosis. The number of patients accounting for less than 30 years old is 22% higher than those of the ages of 30 and 50.

△ Small age “burden on shoulder”

The living conditions are getting better and better, why is the spine get more and more fragile? Through statistics, 70% -80% adolescent spine bends are not formed innate, mostly caused by improper life habits. After study, it was found that if the students accounted for 15% or more than 15% of their bags for 20 minutes, their spine would shrink 6 mm to 8 mm, which will lead to back pain, spinal side bend, resulting in a long time. , The risk of shrinking is fast … Long-term carrying overweight bag will affect the bone stress growth of primary school students, which is very easy to cause the cause of spinal bending, high and low shoulders. Studies have pointed out that there will be problems such as anxiety, depression, low mood, psychological stress, etc., which also caused a burden to students’ healthy growth in invisibular.

How can I effectively protect the children’s spine? A suitable bag is preferred. From a history, in the 1980s, people’s backbone is a shoulder bag, and the time is long, and most people have abbreviated harsh. After the 1990s, the school bag finally replaced with a shoulder. The survey results show that the current child uses 94.85% of the backpack type with a backpack, 22.62% is a tensile backpack, 10.63% is a shoulder backpack. Ordinary backpacks, the weight is all pressed on the back shoulders, which is easy to cause blood flow to block, resulting in muscle injury. Therefore, selecting a suitable ridge bag has become a common expectation of parents and children.

△ Backpack type for children

Lower self-weight and wider straps, can reduce the ambiguous burden of shoulders; adjustable straps can effectively avoid children because they should shoulder, stretched with their neck, and carry their ass to walk, hurt cervical vertebrae; more comfortable The back cushion design and more supportable backplanes can better help the spine to receive weight. In addition, the waist, chest, hip joint has a suitable protective belt, which can disperse the weight of the bag at each place, reducing the spinal pressure.

Meet the above conditions, it is only a qualified ridge bag.

I have consulted some parents, they said that most parents in the class have long bought the ridge book bag. The price range from tens of dollars to several hundred yuan. Ask which brands buy, what is the effect but can’t answer. “It’s a doubt of doubt.” “Which one is good to buy,” “” ” It turned out that because the children’s bag industry is in the growth stage, the standard of the ridges is unclear, leading to the quality of many of the ridges in the market, the parents are difficult to distinguish, and finally spend money, but also affect the child’s health.

# 03

How to choose a real ridge bag?

How to choose a real “ridge bag” for the children? According to the recent release of “Children’s Package Group Standards”, parents can be based primarily from the following aspects:


: The number of books should not exceed 1.0kg, and the lighter, the better the weight of the ridge decompression effect.

Watch structure

: The structure of the bag should be stable, and a number of books will be tried, and it will not be sloppy.

Look at the fitness

: The fitness of the backpack and the body is not closer, but it can both stabilize the body and not squeezing the body, so that the child feels discomfort.


: The child should be ensured that the child is standing, walking and running, is in a relatively stable state.


: The design of the shoulder strap should be wound around the neck, which can be set to avoid the neck, and can do not beat the shoulder. Shoulder straps should be able to achieve a single hand and adjust the height of chest strip. The shoulder strap must have a pad; the back should not appear in the bump part of the pressure. To avoid squeeze, the support point cannot have sharp edges.


The ridge bag with the above features can basically meet the needs. As for other factors such as color, appearance, it is personal preference.

△ 书 包 功能 功能 权 分析 结果 结果 结果 结果

The results of the function weight analysis of the purchase of the book bag are shown that the top three are ridge decompression, large capacity and breathable comfort. Among them, the ridge decompression becomes an absolute advantage a maximum score, and the parents have attached importance to the decompression of ridge.

Make a good ridge book, not only the expectation of parents, but also the pursuit of enterprises. To this end, Tmall works in with the National Laboratory – China Standardization Research Institute, and combines SGS testing agencies, related children’s bag brands – light tide 护 children’s bag brand UEK, Germany IGR Back Health Association Identification Brand Tiger Family, in line with the human body Works with the ridges of the engineering, MoonRock dream, scientific ridges, majors such as Dr. Jiang, such as Jiang Dr. Jiang, and jointly formulate “Children’s Pieces White Paper” after the comment on the advice of the professional team. .

By publishing group standards, detailed assessment and definition is made on the design requirements, physical performance requirements, chemical performance requirements, and user experience requirements, and provide reference standards for the industry. At the same time, these concise, quantitative standards are clear, and how to choose the right ridge book, solve the market pain point, which is beneficial to protect the health of children in science.


△ “Children’s Package Group Standard” Conference

On August 16th, Tmall, China Standardization Research Institute, SGS, UEK, Tiger Family, MoonRock Music, Jiang, Joint in Hangzhou, held a Children’s Ridge White Paper & Children’s Package Group Standard Conference in Hangzhou, officially released “Children’s Package Group Standard “Children’s Ridge White Paper”. At the same time, children’s ridge alliances have been established to explore children’s spine health solutions, caring for children’s spine, guarding the beauty of children.

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