Full of warmth! 30 volunteers are poverty-stricken mountains and children’s gloves


In the coldest season, we have welcomed the warmest event. Yesterday (5) Day, Chongqing Hanhai Ocean Park, the 8th Hong Cherry “Winter Needs Love” Weaving Volunteer Service Activity is held here, and more than 30 volunteers have woven love items on the spot, and these love fabrics will Send it to the hands of children in poor mountains.


In the morning, in the Hanhai Ocean Park in Chongqing, about more than 30 volunteers sat together, under a pair of “dance”, weaving every scarf in the hand, each pair of gloves And every hat …


Upstream News · Chongqing Morning News reporter learned that the volunteers of the Hong Cherry Association HOME Hanhai love detachment have students, staff, full-time mothers, etc. Everyone carefully woven the wool in the hands, and the mutual exchange of mutual trimesters, less than an hour, the yarn in the hand has a scarf, hat and gloves.


“I hope that my own needle is full of love, bringing warmth to the children in the poor mountains.” 33-year-old Li Xin is one of the volunteers, the scarf is being scarf, and the red yar is her carefully selected, I hope the child They can see it. “Such scarf, you can play for about half a day.” The volunteers of the scene told reporters that everyone used the work in the next day and took care of the children outside the child. Everyone has a high enthusiasm, hopes to be as soon as possible. Completed, “We all want to do our best to help the children in the poor mountains.”


In the crowd, a man weaving the sweater has attracted the reporter that Chen Dingqiang is a young teacher. He told reporters that he is not the first time to participate in the Red Cherry “Winter Needs Love” weaving activities. “I have participated in the past few times, but because I am a man, I am doing logistics work, such as buying a yarn, handling the wool, etc. Scarf, although you are the first to learn to wear yarn, but I feel that it is easier, I will get started. He believes that in the process of learning is constantly enriched, trying new challenges.

“We started to call volunteers at the end of November, and there were more than 40 love people to join this weaving activity!” Hong Cherry Association HOME Hanhai Love Detachment, Liu Li, said they expected A total woven 88 (set), which has been completed nearly 80 (set), and complete all weave before 10 days.

Liu Li said that Chongqing Hanhai Ocean Park hopes to send a caring for social vulnerable groups, reflecting their social value, and also reaching the purpose of giving back to society. At present, they have 311 volunteers, all ages for 18 years old, good health, love, patience, responsibility, enthusiastic public welfare, can sign up.

The reporter learned that the red cherry “winter suite love” weaving activities have been the 8th. This event is taken over by the Municipal Civilization Office, and the Red Cherry Volunteer Association shall be undertaken, a total of 26 districts and counties participated in the weaving love fabric. Beginning in November, Huifu Lane, Daxigou Street, Yuzhong District, Happy Weaving Agency, Red Cherry Volleyball Association, Chiba Glass Love Detachment, Red Cherry Volleyball Association, Bine – Shares, Red Cherry Volleyball Association Home, Thai Hanhai Love Detachment, More than 100 volunteers in the Jiulong Shu District Psychological Consultant Association of the Red Cherry Volleyball Association Jiulong Shu District Add to be in which weaving love fabrics.

According to the original plan, the above-mentioned public welfare organization and district and county will weave 15,000 (set) love fabric. In the end, all love fabrics will donate to the 14-deep poor towns in Chongqing in the country school in the countryside.

Upstream News • Chongqing Morning News reporter Fu Dii photography Liu Li