Large size women’s brief introduction large size women’s suitable group


Large size women’s clothing

The large size women’s clothing is tailored to the costumes that are more than the weight of the standard body weight. The product characteristics of large size women’s clothing is that the body is more fat, wear, wear it, and natural, look.

Standard definition of large size women’s clothing

大码女装简介 大码女装适合人群有哪些

Top size: Between 90cm ~ 125cm, sometimes larger.

Pants size: waist 10 to 3 to more than 3 feet or more is called large size pants or plus code pants, large trousers.

Weight weight: Weight weight in 120 pounds, more than a standard weight proportion of female friends bed clothes.

Maximum weight: Basic wear within 260 catties can wear current tops, t-shirts, suites, pants, skirts.

Exception of large size women’s clothing

1, the market is broad

The obese population is increasing year by year, which has bred an opportunity for obese industries, and clothing is also one of them. The large size women’s clothing is positioned in obesity or the fat talents wear to be thin and natural, but the market is small in the market, so the market prospect is broad.

2, strong consumption

Every time I went shopping, the fat body female friend is distressed to buy a suitable costume. It is usually only wearing some sports or some less suitable clothes. When they look at the right costumes, they will shot, hundreds of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of people are homes.

3, brand loyalty high

Fat MMs, they rarely visit, because the clothes are beautiful and no share. The consumer group of fat body women is relatively fixed, as long as there is such a store, many customers will come in a distance. If the clothing is equipped with their taste, this group of people will become your backner and the brand is high.

Large size women’s suitable group

Microfatly, pregnant women, maternal, etc., specific can be calculated according to standard algorithms. The result of tall centimeters minus 105 is the standard weight kg. Use this number to subtract a person’s weight kg, if the positive number, this person is thin, if there is a negative number of more than 5 kg, this person is fat, more than 12 kilograms, is called obesity.