Spring is worth buying, each is very fashionable


Recently, suddenly, it makes me unfair, and I still wear short-sleeved shirts in the past few days. The new wave of cooling these days came, and I took it out of the coat in the wardrobe.

So no matter the cold or hot, the coat is ready to prepare!

Every spring suit can be said to be one of the necessary items in the wardrobe,

Gentle and advanced

The suit jacket, with different clothes, can always bring you unexpected small surprises.

Today, this issue of “Sugar” is seen! Help everyone chooses a very high-wearing

Temperament Take Slim Suit Jacket


In order to consider different heights and fairy, this suits have both long section, and you can choose on demand.

Long section





Two colors are optional.


Matching does not cost, fashionable

Suit jacket to people with its streamlined design and simple color matching


I put a good feeling of a temperament, the more you see, the more you look,

It is not easy to obey

At the same time, special hundred. Matching a well-used incarnation of urban beauty. Let’s teach you how to match our suit jacket.

Fashion feeling

Suit jacket + half length skirt

Black suit with rice white skirt, a black sling vest, a set of black and white minimalism.

Low-key and advanced

And the whole is a bit of a hospitable temperament.

(CR: Red @ 小小 酥)

Suit jacket + shorts

Suit + shorts is

Lazy people wear templates

I don’t know what to wear, this set will go out,

Be playful and handsome

(CR: Red @ Gebilaowang)

Suit jacket + jeans

White suit is clean atmosphere, handsome jeans,

Korean retro feel

. The lazy atmosphere is taking it.

(CR: red @ 想)

Suit jacket + floral dress


Spring is here, the floral skirt will be one thing everyone, come out and look up with the suit jacket!

Suit + drafting skirts have broken the dullness brought by black, but a little bit



Feeling, classic and duty, wearing it is

Korean drama female master’s immediate appearance

(CR: Red @ 张乔耳)

Suit jacket + stripping pants

Cool girls look, don’t miss the pair of suit and bouquel pants.


Playing handsome CP

The suit itself has its own gas field, then puts the feet and BV boots, the gas field is full, one whole

Gao cold temperament 拽 sister wearing

(CR: Red @ – Kiki)



Designed online, detail extra points

Edition does not pick people

This suite’s overall version is slightly loose,

Straight H version


The upper body is on top, and it is unentone.

The high sisters can choose long, and for high sizes.

Will not press high

Long will be more favorable, put on

Beautiful and beautiful


Simple streamlined layout line, it looks natural and smooth, stereo tailor is very good

Modified body

, Draw a ratio of the body.

Close-ups and open design are also very good for the body’s inclusive, almost all the body can be easily controlled.

Small detail design


Classic to collar,

Elegant taste

At the same time, in the visual pull, neck the neck line, appear to make long neck,


Put on temperament


The intimate pocket design on both sides is convenient for the fairy and other small objects that do not love the backpack.


The addition of double-breasted clothes in the clothes is mature, adding a whole piece of clothing.

Highlights and design

The small detail decoration of the three buckles is also done, and the double-breasted in front of them has echoed.

The button is discharged vertically.

Beautiful and delicate

Certainly, free and easy to practice temperament

If you can stay in business, it can hold, let you put it out in the crowd, what reasons do not love.


No matter where you are about to enter the society, you need a high-quality suit jacket to meet your daily commuter wear.

Workplace must “shirt”

This suit is your non-two choices, simple and simple.