Why is the Zhongyuan Festival called “Ghost Festival”


The formal name of “Ghost Festival” should be called “Middle Mold”, which is a Chinese traditional festival of Taoism, Buddhism and Confucian thinking.


The Taoist “Punishment” said: “In the middle of July, the land official, the world is good and evil, the Taoist is the day and night.” And Buddhism held the “Branda Fa Conference” in the Lunar New Year, in accordance with the “Ban Basin”, July 15th, the “filial piety”, is often born with parents. Gen Yunyun. Confucianism must have a ancestor this day.

Whether it is Taoism, Buddhism or Confucian thinking, although the ritual method is different, this holiday is mainly set around the ghost, which is equivalent to a festival of a soul, so various rituals in the three ideas are in this center.

The origin of “ghost festival” is said that it should be coming from Buddhism. “The Homes’ Master Training, the final article” wrote: “If you report the polarity, the frost is not, sometimes fast, and July and the half of the orchid, it is looking at it.” At that time, the north and south dynasties have been The festival of July and a half. However, in this paragraph, the “sometimes confession” and “July Imiyalan” are divided into two things, probably “fast supply” sacrifices loved ones, so that the ancestors are not frozen in the middle of the middle; The Lantern Festival is “the” mana “of the Buddha, praying for the suffering of the Buddha to the death of loved ones in the middle of the middle. It can be seen that the Mids Festival in mid-July at this time, although there must be a certain ancestor custom, but has not yet formed a certain ceremony, this holiday is more for Buddha.


The Taoist Zhongyuan Festival is a festival that pray for precision. Taoism will be called “Tianshi” in June, as “Tianshi” in July to De Sh, will be called “Shangyuan” in June 15, July 15th is called “Zhongyuan”, He is also listed as “Hao Yuan” on October 15th, called “Water Officials”. The Taoist Taoism of the Northern Wei Dynasty will be the three gods, saying that a person who is called Chen Zi prayed and the three daughter of the Dragon King has joined a couple, respectively in the 15th, July 15 and October 10. At the 5th, I gave birth to Tianguan, the official, and the water officer three brothers. They were very powerful, and they were unbearable. They were called “three yuan emperor”, respectively, bless, forgive, and dissident three things, and The world will build a three-government temple.

Similar to the “sin” of the Middle Mold World Festival, Buddhism in the Sino-Midyuan Festival, “Ji Lanbu” is also to relieve the death of the dead. According to the “Buddha Union”, the “Banza Conference” began in the Temperature of Liang Emperor. “Yan Jing’s age” is hereby incorporated by reference: “The Banda is the national language. The ghost, the meaning of suffering, “decompression” is to relieve the pain.

In the “Band Basin”, after the success of Luo Han, he saw his death in the eyes of the eyes, so he gave the mother to eat, but the meal was not entrance to felt. I have to go to the discussion to ask the Buddha to help, the Buddha gives him an idea: “When you need ten people, the power of the gods, it is reluctant.” And it is necessary to go to the July fifteen, “When the Qixi parents are now the parents’ horses, there are rice flustered fruits, water irrigation, sesame oil, bed bedding, soul, recommended In the basin, we support the ten parties. ” I have to listen to the Buddha’s statement, such as the law, and the mother will be away from the hungry. The mother was rescued, suggested that the Buddha: “The Future Buddha’s disciple is filial, and it should be supplied with the Lanban.” The Buddha replied “big good”, since then, the world should be a filial piety and grandchildren should be “the Bran Festival”, The eucalyptus, commonly known as “flame mouth”, becoming a history of Buddhists Recommend ancestors.

In fact, the legend of the mother and ghosts, so that the custom of “the Banza Conference” ancestors is explaining the evolution of Buddhism China, and Buddhists are in the process of implementing the “Bran Festival”. It has been doped with native Confucian filial piety concept, which also provides possibilities for the Sacrifice for the ancestors in July and ancestors. Therefore, when the Tang Dynasty, the monasteries set “the bilanion conference” more atmosphere.

“Years of Lian Li” wrote, Zhongyuan area, “Lien Bain Basin in this day”. When the Tang Dynasty was very good, Wang Yu was prime minister, and he used to set the blue pot in the intrauterine farm in July 15. Decorated is a precious golden jade, cost hundreds of thousands, and set the seven emperors of Gaozu. God, with the system of sunset dragon umbrella clothes, the names of each of the emperors of each of the emperors are in the horses, from the palace to the temple exhibition, rolled away, the hundreds of officers, arranged in Guangshunmen. The flower encouragement, the road is a large landscape, which has become a large landscape of the Middle Middle Festival.

In the Song Dynasty, “Zhongyuan Festival” was officially shaped, and became a variety of factors such as Taoism, Buddhism and Confucian thinking and folk beliefs, with the traditional festival of the ancestors, collecting undead as the main content. Meng Yuan Lao recorded the “Tokyo Meng Hua Lu”, the Middle Festival of the Northern Song Dumi, a few days before the festival, the city starts selling the inmer boots shoes, the head hat, the golden riped belt, multicolored clothes and so on Enthusiastic. “Taking bamboo poles into three feet, high three or five feet, above the shape of the tie, the lantern, and the mounting of the clothes will be burned in the burn. Junior music people, they have been moving” Enthusiastic drama, until fifteen days, “Lu Tour in” Old School Note “Volume Seven also recorded:” Since the heat, but in mid-July. The group is bamboo basis, laid paper money, and it is bamboo burns … Today, it is a day of the ancestors, and the north and south.

In the festival, people are all kinds of vegetarian food with vegetarian food. The “Wulin Old Think”, the ancestors should use new rice, new sauce, epitutical, time, color satin, chess, and some, the meaning of “Musk,” The cockpouts have supported the ancestors, called “Washing Hands”. In addition to the family sacrifice, if there is a new grave, if there is a new grave, it is necessary to go out to worship.


The temple palace also has to work on this day and set the row of dying. If you have a rich man, please ask the monks to home, “at home, rice recommended”. When the temple is “Bran Festival”, it is also necessary to hold the lamp to illuminate the ghosts in the darkness. The court also held the lamp activity, and the government also relaxed to the monks. This day, “I should have a big size niger temple to make a decimation, and the one of the family is the day. After self-decry, the median sigi, from the fake, or the foot, or the constraint “.

During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, “Zhongyuan Festival” is as shown in the former DPRK, and the temple will hold the “Banda Festival”. The ordinary people will sacrifice the ancestors. “Emperor Jingjing” writes Jingshi, “Shang Tomb as Qingming”, people “or make a small sacrifice. 讫, 辄 辄 次,,,,,,,,, The custom is still different. In the south, the Zhongyuan Festival has to sacrifice the soul of the soul. Xie Yizhe’s “five miscellaneous” in: “The people of the people of the people, the people, the family, the ancestors, the sacrifice, the female furniture parents, the crown, the cage, the yarn The box, send parents’ home, is the night purple money, ordering in the city, I wish you all the best. “


In addition to the ancestors, another most important entertainment, it is put on the river. At this time, the lamp is more entertaining than the Song Dynasty, less ghost, and more popular. Lu Qiyan’s “Beijing Years of China” recorded: “Before the Sino-Yuanyuan Festival, there is such as Qingming, and the temples will serve the earthquake, and the Changchun Temple is Sheng.Daki, the day, the day, the buddh, Tan, the bubble lake has a water lamp. “” Emperor Jingjing “中 中 中 中 节:” Years China Middle Night, Ya Lan Festival, Temple Temple Water is hidden, and the fire is as a geese fish, the water is swayed, and the water is swelled. It is the eve, the Van Ganzi, and the Yan Song strings, Shen Jing Dan. “

The time of the Zhongyuan Festival is exactly the summer, the heat of the summer is not full, the autumn wind is, when the sun is hot, the sun, the water, the water, the water, and the water flowers in the city. Light, thousands of thousands, brilliance, make the Ming and Qing’s Beijing City less solemn, more than people, although the ancestors are still primitive, religion is still in cases, but for ordinary people Speaking, there is no horror death atmosphere, but a living scene of a party to play. Even all kinds of meals are available. For example, Guangzhou, “Fial of Longan Fantasia,” Fooding ‘. In Beijing, it is “eat squid, for the event.”