Stylish personality bag red lips patent leather mini personality chain shoulder diagonally


Retrieving the flame red lips in the waist, the eyes of the world are sucked by you ~ It is always a thousand articles, even if it is replaced daily, it also avoids the feeling of boring, and preparing a grabbing bag is very good.choose.This red lip packet is unique, especially the bright-eyed broccoli is more atmospheric, and the reddish red sudden woman is fashionable. The mini style is very convenient, and it will go on the back!

时尚富有个性包包 红唇漆皮迷你个性链条单肩斜跨手提小包

You must have seen it in Europe and America, the street hidden hand has seen it, bright paint leather red, comfortable and hard, the shape is full of arc, waterproof dirty, both beautiful and exquisite.The bag is used in high-density suture, not easy to break, and the zipper is smooth and convenient.Removal of the hardware chain shoulder strap, convenient design, shoulder, can be oblique, also with a hand-held wristband, I want to take it!

时尚富有个性包包 红唇漆皮迷你个性链条单肩斜跨手提小包

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