Ceramic knife characteristics and advantages


Use ceramic knife advantages

First, reduce bacteria breeding, eat healthier

Ceramics are health and cleaning options. Ceramic knives have super-antibacterial function, ceramic material is fully dense, non-porous, non-magnetic, no radiation, non-stick food, easy to clean, reduce bacterial breeding opportunities, to ensure the health and hygiene of food. The full-semescent ceramic blade, cut the irritating food and not smear. (If you cut garlic, ginger, green onions, there is no odor, very suitable for processing sashimi and fresh ingredients.)

Second, resist food oxidation, keep the ingredients original

Ceramic knife does not contain nickel, chromium and other heavy metals, chemical stability, acid and alkali, never rust, different from steel blades, ceramic blades will not leave metal flavors on food, no chemical reaction with food; Avoid the harm caused by the harmful substances generated by food oxidation and chemical reactions. It can effectively maintain the fresh and delicious food, let the ingredients are completely present.

Third, sharp edge, effectively lock food nutrition

Ceramic blade is specially designed, very sharp, fast, and effortless cutting food.

Reduce the flow of juice, alleviate (such as cut onions, leeks) volatile substances to the eyes of the eyes,

And effectively locked the food nutrition.

Fourth, high wear resistance, hardness is slightly diamond

The ceramic blade has a very high hardness (hardness reaches 9 or more, the hardness of the diamond is 11), and the wear resistance is also several dozeproad of the metal knife, which is a “never-wear” tool in the true sense. And its high wear resistance is also the urgency of repeated edge grinding in long-term use.


5. Super lightweight, super provision

Ceramic knives have only half of the steel knife, lightweight, and comfortable handles make you reduce fatigue when you use.

Sixth, in line with international fashion, is the latest home supplies

The ceramic knife will be unveiled at the international household items every year, and the product is novel and fashionable. You can share the latest ceramic tools!

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