Three questions before making the curtains, the curtains can look good, easy to use, don’t spend money


Today today and a boss selling curtains, talking about the misunderstanding of the curtains: Most people think that the only role of curtains is to block the windows. It is not said that today’s curtains have been very different from the original. Single is decorative, it is enough to buy a headache after buying home.

According to the boss, first, we must first think about three problems before buying a curtain. Clear your own needs to buy the most suitable products.

Orbital or Roman Pole?

The curtain has two suspension methods, one is the track, the other is a roman rod –

Some and only these two



If you haven’t started renovation, it is recommended to choose orbit, there are two:

the first is

The top seal of the track curtains is better

Whether it is a light shining, or warm, sound insulation, is much better than the Roman pole. And from the view, the track is a hidden installation method, so the overall sense is stronger, and the wall can be integrated into a whole.

The second is now

Smart home

More and more popular, the smart curtains that automatically open, must be used with orbital use. The so-called “smart curtain” is actually a motor that can be networked. All track curtains can be installed directly.



Orbital must cooperate with hard load repair

, Do a good job in advance, and the center in the entire room also needs to be offset. If you have already missed the renovation, you can only choose the Roman rod. For curtain stores, the cost of Roman rods and tracks is almost almost. For the user, selecting tracks need to make a curtain box, which is slightly higher than the Roman pole.

Single layer or double layer?


Single layer curtains are only one layer of cloth. The double curtain is behind the curtain, and there is a layer of gauze. Whether it is orbit or a roman rod, you can choose a double or single layer curtain.

Which one is it? First


: The floor is particularly low, it needs to be


Protecting privacy during the day


. The room in the west, it also needs in the evening.

Reduce the strength of the sun


. In both cases, the gauze is very necessary.



In addition to the use, yarn curtains have certain

Decorative effect

. If the decoration style needs to decorate a layer of yarn, and this room also does have viewing value (such as living room), you can install a gauze.

If there are no two cases, the suggestion is still not stuffed. The use of yarn curtains is extremely low, often in the first few times, but also covers in a white.

Is the shading rate really important?

“I forgot to start, people who buy curtains love to ask a ‘shading rate?'” The boss selling curtains is very helpless.

In fact, the shading rate of the curtains is indeed important, but it is not the brightness of the shading rate, the better. The shade of the curtain is affected by a variety of reasons such as density, thickness, we only need to know,

The higher the shading rate, the less the curtain is


The shade of the curtain is 20% to 95%, with shading rates

More than 80%

It is called “

Full shade


The remaining

is called”



“Curtains. When choosing, it is recommended to choose a full shade curtain in the bedroom, select a semi-shading curtain in public areas such as living room, study.


Specifically, this is true:

A person who is bad sleep

It is possible to improve the shading rate of the curtains. High-shielding curtains can enhance the room sealing, insulation and sound insulation capacity. So if you just want to improve your sleep quality by changing the environment, you can choose

Blocking rate of more than 90% or more

Normal person, especially teenagers

It is not recommended to choose a curtain of oversizable. The shading rate is more than 90%, even if it is a big day, the room will make the room like late at night. I want to think about it, I will sleep in this room, and it is very unfriend of the human biological clock. The healthy way, or let the morning sun wake up – so choose

More than 80% of the shading rate



Living room study, etc.


The main purpose of using curtains is actually not shading, but protects privacy. Lights in the room at night, and it will be very clear outside. choose

Blocking rate of 60% or more

It is enough to guarantee this privacy. This shading rate can be seen outside the room, but I can’t see the portals in the room.

60% of the shading rates are generally gauze. The use scenario of gauze, has already said in the previous. If it is just

In order to reduce the light, choose about 20% of the shading rate

Will suffice. if


In order to protect privacy, it is recommended to choose more than 40% of shading rates.